Kamala Harris 2020


Yep. Pretty sure you’re correct.


Yikes. Nothing could ruin that song but that damn autotune bleebling. And it’s well and truly ruined thereby.


Identity politics is all they’ve got. It’s the rotted carcass of their ancient populism.

It’s hard to be populist when you’re the establishment.


KH had an affair with former SFO Mayor Willie Brown (aka, Slick Willie), who was 30 yrs older and married. Very public knowledge

crazydaysandnights printed something on her last year (whether true or not, who knows). Relates to her time with Slick Willie.


And even despite getting laid with an old, powerful guy…she managed to have a career in politics.

#brave and #stunning

In before someone suggests it was “due to” and not “despite” -> racist.jpg


If anything, Kamala used her “light skinned privilege” to take advantage of poor old Willie and sleep her way to the top.


It’s official. She’s a politician and a whore…


Would that be , “Poontronage”? :thinking:


I guess this is as relevant as paying off porn stars? :thinking:


And the difference between a German Shephard and a Corgi is also a social construct , they are both dogs. But both breeds can be identified and separated according to a human given breed name by DNA analysis. As can the “race” of an individual be identified by minuscule amounts of DNA at a crime scene. Next you will quote “There are more genetic differences between individuals than between races” or some other inaccurate cliche that is mindlessly followed as gospel by people with no background in genetics. The names we give groups of humans with distinct genetic differences who come from different geographical regions of the world is the only "social " thing about it.


I judge people not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

And I can be quite harsh. Most people’s character is for shit.


Ok, that’s great I agree. Unless you are a doctor that needs to know your ethnicity due to some races being more susceptible to certain diseases than others. Or if you had ginger hair I might suggest a career that involved working in the Sahara desert might not be the best choice for someone with lily white skin and freckles. :grinning:


no need to worry, I’m sure somewhere in the opinion section of buzzfeed, salon or the huff post there’s an article explaining that skin cancer is a social construct.


(cough cough) BLOW JOB !!!

(Seriously, hecklers should start doing that at her rallies!)

Of course, she wouldn’t be the first ho in the oval office–just the first to be elected.


Ever since I’ve heard “Camel Hairs”, I can’t stop thinking of that when I see a pic of her.


You guys probably hate someone like Jimmy Dore, but I rather watch him making fun of Kamala Harris and pointing out why she might not be a good candidate than talking about her relationship with that guy back then.


Never heard of that guy, it was a funny bit.

From the look of her ad and her statements in public, it looks like she’s going to run an Hillary Campaign 2.0 with lot of nice words, 0 policies and plenty of “mah minorities, mah women, mah equality” bullshit. Yay for two more years of that crap!


That’s the world we live in right now. Rarely do people nowadays venture across enemy lines and listen to what they have to say over there. That goes for both sides of course.


I don’t hate him. He talks sense on some issues, but he’s also a Maduro apologist. :hushed:


Aaaaand I’ll give his channel a pass.