Kamala Harris can be Black and Indian at the same time

You can make valid critiques about her political positions shifting, but I really don’t understand this “she can’t be Black AND Indian” crap. Her Dad is Indian, her Mom is Jamaican. What’s the issue here? Some of us here have mixed children as well, and they’ll grow up having dual identities too. I know you’re just posting a cartoon, so I’m not saying you share that belief… but it’s just something that bugs me in general.


No. Her mom is Indian and her father is Jamaican, descended from the owner of one of Jamaica’s largest slave plantations. Her dad is likely much more white than black. Why no mention of her white slaveholding heritage? The decision to frame her as black is a purely political decision. If they were being honest, they’d emphasize her multiracial identity, not call her black.


I got the Dad and Mom mixed-up, but that doesn’t change the overall point.

I’ve seen it mentioned plenty of times that she’s also the first South Asian VP nominee. Her multiracial identity has been discussed a lot.

Do you have evidence to back that up or are you just speculating?

She is part Black, just as Obama is. I hope there’s no issue with him being referred to as Black. According to Wiki, Harris grew up in “the flatlands” in West Berkeley, which is predominantly Black. When she began kindergarten, she was bused as part of a desegregation program. And she grew up going to both a Black Baptist church and a Hindu temple. I doubt when she was 8 years old, these were political calculations. Finally, she attended Howard University, a historically Black university. Seems to me it’s always played a very big part of her identity, and it’s not your call to say she isn’t Black or isn’t Black enough to refer to herself as such.


I think it’s pretty obvious he would be viewed as a black man, ignoring the measuring with decimal points that you seem to be interested in.


Straight from her father’s mouth.

And yet their white heritage is never mentioned when it comes to politics. Strange, considering Obama is half white and was raised in a white family. Kamala is half Indian (making this the largest part of her racial makeup), and was raised by her Indian mother. And yet her white heritage is never mentioned, and the Democrats now refer to her almost exclusively as black. This is a political designation.

We’ve been over this already, I think that ancestor died in 1840 or something. He’s likely got as much to do with her ancestry as half of Jamaica, if anything is likely here.


Obama credits his mom with his upbringing much more than his (mostly) absent father. He’s never shyed away from this.


Most African-Americans in the US have some white blood due to the legacy of slavery. Being half-white doesn’t diminish Obama’s claim to his Black heritage as well. And yes, a President with Black blood being elected for the first time is historical, and so of course the media focuses on that. But he still respects and pays tribute to both sides of his family tree.

Is Indian referred to as “white”? That’s news to me… And yes, her being Indian has been mentioned pleeeenty of times in the MSM.


I never said he did. I’m talking about the way he’s always referred to as black in Democratic politics.

Of course not. But her heritage is half Indian, with smaller parts black and white. And yet the black part is now being emphasized by the Democratic party, and the white part is never mentioned. This is all about politics. Even the title of this thread fails to mention her white heritage.

sorry. I wrote that as I was splitting the topic because i needed to quickly write a title. @DrewC is free to change it as he sees fit.

No need to apologize. :grin:

And the fact that her ancestors owned roughly 200 slaves is never mentioned, even though Dems are pulling down statues around the US for historical figures who fought for slavery a mere 155 years ago.

I think Harris can be black and Indian at the same time, no problem, as long as we have a discussion about her family’s relation to slavery within the context of new world slavery as a whole.

An urgently needed conversation, to be had now, before the elections.

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When a discussion starts to form. We have a presplit option to continue the discussion in a new thread. Keeps FPP clean. :wink:

Yes, but this is the wrong question. Does it really matter that she is black and/or Indian? I don’t think so, it’s not a qualification. I do think Obama as the first black president was a great symbolic step, and I’m happy I voted for him. But being black didn’t make him qualified as president. I hardly care if the VP slot is someone who is black and/or Indian.


It shouldn’t be, but it is.

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Which is hardly surprising since the Democrats today are all about race as the primary personal characteristic of all Americans.

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No, vice versa!

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I guess she is a honorary full black since she graduated from Howard.

I wince whenever I hear the term 'honorary" before anything since it was an actual term used in South Africa, absolutely cringe worthy. kind of why I was surprised Obama was describing himself as an honorary Biden, the association can’t have been lost on him. Might be less weird if I heard Biden describe himself as an honorary Obama. Just haven’t heard it that way round.

I find it amusing that Democrats want everybody to consider Kamala Harris a black American as long as they don’t have to discuss it in too much detail.

If Harris were of the GOP, you can bet your bottom dollar the Dems would want to talk about it a little. :grin:

I think @Dr_Milker has it exactly right: the racial identity of Kamala Harris is all about politics. Nothing less, nothing more.

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She herself is a democrat and self-identifies as ‘American’.

So I guess that door got closed, it’s onto ‘democrats’ want everybody this and that. Nice and vague and general, and unconvincing to boot. Like melba toast.