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Does anyone know any good budget hotels in Kaohsiung?

I normally just go through booking. Com or other similar websites. They seem to get a better price than going to the hotel directly. You can also complain to the website if that hotel isn’t as described


I’m looking for cheap but nice new hotels and not hostels.
Does anyone living in Kaohsiung at the moment know of any please?

Is there a Kaohsiung expat forum that I should join to ask questions?

No, the two foreigners that live in Kaohsiung post here!


I liked the 85 Sky Tower - I think there is a budget section and a luxury section that are completely separate entities. The budget one was definitely a bit dated and rough around the edges but had a big window with a killer view.

I live in Kaohsiung, but do to the fact I do live here I don’t use hotels. :wink:


The one near Pier2 is quite nice and easy to get around town from

Any links for budget section please?

What about short term stay such as 2/3 months?
How to find good cheap places to stay please?

What are the best Mandarin schools in Kaohsiung please?

Some of the universities have good schools please. Check out Zhongshan University please.

Hmm doesn’t really look budget these days. I remember around 3,000NT$ for two nights a couple years ago but that was off-season. I just checked https://www.agoda.com and seems to be double that right now.

Good luck!

You could try this school to learn Mandarin

as for places to stay Good and cheap seldom go together, most people i know want a minimum 1 year contract
but you can try


What about airbnb?

Airline Hotel near Taiwan rail station less NT$1400, Sun Hotel near central as low as NT$1,300, depends on dates

Stayed there.
Includes excellent breakfast.

Thank you all for your suggestions etc. Much appreciated!

What about train stations in Kaohsiung city centre that are convenient for shops restaurants mandarin schools etc?

What are the areas/districts to avoid for whatever reasons?


Are there any issues in Kaohsiung now that I need to be aware of/know/informed about etc?

Taiwan is safe. No need to worry about places to avoid even in the middle of the night, unless you happen to bump into the local big underground mahjong :mahjong: game :smiling_face:

If I were you, apply to all Mandarin schools in Kaohsiung and then see which one accepts you, etc.
There’s plenty of threads on Kaohsiung living, etc.
Have fun!

Thank you again for all info and welcoming sentiments.

Does anyone know if I can take Mandarin courses on a tourist visa?
I have a Canadian passport thus 90 day visa free entry to Taiwan.