Kaohsiung City - Hotels | Mokkie Goes to Kaohsiung

Are there any expat Kaohsiungites out there who can answer my first question about best districts to live along train lines?

I read air and water are issues in Kaohsiung. How serious please?

Will check.

Thanks a lot!

I heard tons of Canadians and Americans live down south.

What about good hostels with private room and private bathroom?

:point_up_2: some chatter on districts above.
I live in Zuoying.
Got Lotus Lake.
Close to HSR :station: that can take you quickly north.
MRT stations, etc.

Does any kind soul know???

If I can take mandarin courses on 90 day tourist visa with Canadian passport please?

Thank you very much for all that info.
Much appreciated!

Yes you can with 90 day Visa.
3 month classes at good college. Good area which I like nice coffee shops, food, ect. Culture Park Area (Park is in front of campus)

Some (Americans) live in Southern Taiwan, less than Taichung and much less than Taipei City. Most Americans in the South have some family ties to the area as the reason being in the area, for me being used the [place and long term friends keep me South (but I am in Taipei about once a week and can see the big difference in the ExPats)

Note that visa-free entry and a tourist visa are two different things. You don’t necessarily have the same rights.

Any links to explain difference between the two please?

Lifestyle differences influence cultures and values so I understand that.

Thanks a million!

Tuition fee is high.
Are there cheaper options?

Are there any expat mahjong clubs/socials in KHH?

I live in Zuoying near Kaohsiung Arena. It’s a nice area. Central Park is also quite nice. I’d rather live in Taipei, but plenty of my friends prefer Kaohsiung. It’s a bit less cramped here, and there’s more jobs available, real estate cheaper, but we still have an MRT and most stuff you’d have in Taipei.

Here you go