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I’ll nominate you as the best Samaritan of this forum.

Any fun mandarin karaoke places for singing my heart out?
How I love Teresa’s melodious voice and meaningful songs!

I’d choose NSYS university for the location alone. Nearly did and kinda regret not doing so. Also one of the top unis in Taiwan although I can’t comment on it’s Mandarin school.


I’m interested in improving my mandarin…
Four skills:
Listening-very good
Reading-very good
Speaking-not so good
Writing-total failure (as I was educated in English)
I would like to improve all four skills.

Actually I’m not sure if I want to go traditional courses as I’m a liberal thinker so I would like more immersion and experiential learning via activities excursions etc.

Do you know of any advance mandarin schools in KHH that are on the leading edge of language teaching and acquisition?
Schools with vision?

The classic experimental learning is language exchange with a committed partner. Who knows, you might even find yourself a nice boy along the way!

With intellect, insight and intuition I can envision the possibilities of Mandarin mastery.

So where are the best watering holes in KHH?

I tend to go the “cheap but sketchy” route when I stay in Kaohsiung. You said you’re looking for “cheap but nice,” but in case you change your mind and want to follow me into the dark side, the area behind the Kaohsiung Train Station is a good bet. The same advice goes for Taipei.

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I simply don’t want to be up north living a high stress treadmill coma lifestyle!

I’ll keep that in mind.

By the way, what’s the price to be considered as budget? Below 2000, 1000, or 700?

I’ve stayed at a couple places under 2000, and they were all pretty decent.

Midtown Richardson BoAi
The tree house
Papo’a hotel

There are places under 700, especially around the train station. They are pretty dodgy though

Centre Hotel right outside the Formosa Blvd station is not bad. Rooms as low as 700 with a bathtub. Superb location.

That’s helpful!
Bath tub with shower is preferable.
Don’t like standing on the tiled floor to shower.

Under NTD800 is about right.
I heard rent is NTD4000-6000 per month. Is that right?

Any good hostels or B n B with private room and bathroom???

Centre hotel is good.
Does anyone know anything about E hotel?

Thanks for changing the topic.

One of my posts was deleted as I mentioned PUTIN. I was objectively stating a fact.

As I engage in discussion of other topics I have found some not so friendly fellow expats. I am not a troll or robot.

Could any kind soul answer my above questions please?

I’m on this forum to find out more about expat life in Taiwan before I dive and plunge.

If some on this forum don’t like me for any reasons then I won’t comment on the other topics???

Just take the rough with the smooth, i find most people react to post, not the person writing it.

They can love what you say on one post, then rip you a new one on the next.
Most people are pretty well behaved, but you get a few with a quirky sense of humor. There are one or two who may need to look at their mental or social welfare.

All in all its not as bad as many other forums.