Kaohsiung - Euro places to eat?

Any new Euro cafes recommended in greater Kaoshiung area. My most recnt place I went to at: https://www.npac-weiwuying.org/service/food-and-shop?lang=en

Stage 5, French based café with drinks and is open late (for now midnight), its not cheap though for dinner. I spent NT$3,000 for dinner for two(with wine). I had fish and my partner she had the duck which she thought was great (from Taiwanese view point). Not sure worth the price, but I will go back to try other items.

Is the ikea cafeteria not “Euro” enough for you? Literally like being in Sweden.

It is quite Euro enough, though it does have some local dishes added to the menu.

One of my favorite restaurants in Taiwan very good home made well cooked comfort food meal.

Croatian Kitchen
No. 17號, Hebei Road, Lingya District, Kaohsiung City, 802
0929 588 928


Imma Isreali, authentic food, Israeli owners, nice guys.

Big portions.


I like this place too.

Unfortunately didn’t have donor kebabs, didn’t expect them to but still, I crave a kebab. I go back to Sydney for a week once a year and it’s all I eat.

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may I suggest Yaletown Bistro? Ok, Canadian- not Euro. Nonetheless, it’s a casual place with a great menu of many western/Canadian/European inflected foods. They bake, braise, and even sell Canadian products. Nice staff.

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They have kebabs here but they are not the same as what you see elsewhere. They Taiwanese everything here.

I really like German Soul in Kaohsiung:

German Soul Kaohsiung 德意所
No. 18, Lane 293, Nanping Road, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City, 813
07 586 7897


The best food in Kaohsiung. New location central.



I really like Yaletown. They fill a niche here. Their 3 bean salad and paninis are great.

That’s a bold claim. I’ll try it soon and report back on whether it’s truly a champion or just another contender.

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I was thinking the same thing, what if I don’t like Croatian food?

But at least they will get a couple of new customers to try it, Hope it lives up to the intro :smile:

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I wish I could say the same. I had good visits, a few not good related to service.

I’ll also recommend this place, called in this evening, they was fully booked but managed to squeeze us in.

Food was fresh and good portions. People are friendly, i left with a full belly and a smile. :smile:


Kaohsiung really is changing. Havent been to any of these places yet but am getting hungry hearing about them.

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Will have to try, was near there a few days ago (at the riverside Tokyo place which has lots of beers to chose from !). Your photo looks good and I guess must be better than the old place.

Did you try? and result?

No, I never got around to it.