Kaohsiung finally gets a Burger King!

Burger King has opened a branch in the food court (near the outpatient area) of the Veteran’s Hospital on Da Jhong Rd.

No longer can one use the “I only eat it because we don’t have them down south” excuse when travelling up north. :smiley:

OMG!!! I’m so there!


[quote=“ozzo”]OMG!!! I’m so there!


KHH is a sad place.

I was disappointed to find out that Burger King in Taipei doesn’t always cook their meat on the spot, but “flame broils” them at some locations and then ships them over to other locations where they are microwaved until they are warm. I kid you not. I found this out when I asked for a burger that was “well done”, i.e. left on the grill for a longer period of time. The staff looked at me blankly. “Um, we can microwave it for you longer, if you want.”

yeah same, I was disappointed to hear that also. But I guess I should cut back on that shit anyway, so knowing that helps.

Ok…went there…sampled their fare…and realized that yes, it’s really BK. hehe…I don’t even really like burger king…but hey, it’s been almost 2 years, so guess I was craving that “home-like” taste…


I want to go. What is the Da Jong, though? Does that mean “the masses” or does it mean “big middle”?? Can anybody type the Chinese? Thanks

Yes…Da Zhong “Big Middle” “大中”

In case you’re not sure where, just get on Mintzu and head north past Dollars. Eventually you’ll get to an overpass (Da Zhong runs dirctly beneath the highway), turn right. There’s an optical shop & Betel nut stand on the corner there. Go straight for about a block and the hospital will be on your left side. Can’t miss it. As syntax error mentioned, it’s in the outpatient building. If you go in the main front doors, just head towards the left and follow the signs on the ceiling that say “Outpatient Building”. After a small maze of corridors it’ll be on your right hand side.

Hope that helps.


Just back from Burger King!

Good directions, ozzo. I would like to add to those directions to maybe save future visitors some walking. You can’t turn left directly from Da Zhong Rd. You have to go up and then hook back. I parked near a drain-channel thing and had to walk REALLY far. So, here’s what you do:

If you’re going north on Mintzu, PASS the overhead freeway (Da Zhong Rd) and then take any right (east) turn after that. If you don’t come exactly up to the outpatient building, at least when you get to Rong Cong Rd, you can turn right on that road and hook back to the Outpatient building entrance.

If you’re going south on Mintzu (as if you’re coming from Tainan), you can turn left at Hua Xia Rd or any other left (east) turn after that but BEFORE the freeway you may already see looming in the distance. (Looming? What? Are they making fabric?) You will pass Rong Cong STREET and then come to Rong Cong Rd. Turn right (south) and you will come to the Outpatient building (on the left).

If you’re standing on the sidewalk (facing the building) between the motorcycle and car parking areas, the main entrance will be at 10 o’clock. However, there’s a path at 1 o’clock that goes up over a bridge into a small door. Below there’s a drainage area with air conditioners and COOLING TOWERS down there. (I’m always happy to see those–haha). Go in that door and turn left, following the windows. When you reach the end of the hallway, turn right and there’s the food court.

I looked in the back and the kitchen looked big. I couldn’t see if they had real grills or if they microwaved the meat. If it’s the only BK in GaoXiong, I’m assuming they grill meat there. (You never know, though. Tesco doesn’t make their formerly good sausages on-site anymore. They’re made in PingDong Xian and they’re absolutely flavorless.) I had a Whopper meal and a “dan dian” bacon double cheeseburger. Both were good. I hope it lasts–they seem to be doing good business, especially since they have a “semi-captive audience”.

Also, 12:30pm seems to be a good time to go: I got hit on by a nurse!

Burger King. Out-patient ward (Hospital). Irony.

How can anyone get excited about Furburger King.

“Uh, do you want a question mark with that?”

Hmm…1:41am. I ate a Burger King burger for lunch and then a furburger about a half hour ago. I was (and still am) pretty excited about that furburger. Now before noon if I buy a Steinberger bass guitar that’ll be 3 burgers in 24 hours.

Gotta get back to bed. If the owner of the furburger is still awake, I may have “another helping”. (I am NOT joking.) :smiley:

Uh, An Ping Tainan a bit isolated there coolingtower? :wink:

There is now a Burger King in Tainan. It’s at the new Carrefour on Dongmen Rd., out near Rende by the highway overpass.

I’ve been there twice. My current schedule is such that I work in the science park, An Nan District and west of the train tracks. I pretty much avoid Yong Kang and Ren De, because It’s a hassle to get through those areas.

Seems to be the same good food. I don’t know if they grill meat there or microwave it. I’ll have to try to spy on the kitchen next time.

2 for the price of 1 Whoppers on Monday :yay:

That’s at the VGH in Kaohsiung. My wife goes in with her mother every day. (to the hospital, not burger king)

Damn! Don’t have time tomorrow. Next week, however, I will become WhopperScarfingMan!

I think I live near the hospital, i’ll try to make my way over and find it.

I tried it a couple of times out of nostalgia for homefood, but crap is still crap. Whoppers are still soggy and inedible unless scarfed down piping hot.

The wife, the boy & I tried the Tainan BK in the Carrefour building.
It was better than any Mickey D’s, but not “Flame Geilled” on the premises. Good sauce, good lettuce and nice tomatos.
Fries were good also.