Kaohsiung Pizza Wars

Do foreigners not like Andrea Pizza anymore? I’ve only tried it after the original owner left, and I still thought it was in the top 3 pizzas I’ve had in all of Taiwan. I go there every time I visit Kaohsiung. Curious if I’m missing something better down there.


Never heard of it, but have just flagged to try so thanks for the suggestion

Someone should make a Kaohsiung Pizza thread, my current list would be

Foster Hewitt
Pizza Rock
Cafe Grazie

I think that’s every pizza I’ve had here, bottom 3 just once per. I don’t eat a lot of pizza, more of a burger guy

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A list with Costco and Dominos included is quite frightening. :grimacing:


Tell me you’ve never tried Napoli pizza without…

I go here. 600+ reviews, 4.9 rating.

Pizzeria da Chou 老周披薩
07 322 9338

Comprehensive, and with perspective

More frightening is that neither was at the bottom of the list :flushed:


Speaking strictly visually, I prefer Andrea. I don’t like the soft, puffy, chewy crusts. Even though Andrea is touted as being Italian-style, I feel it’s more American-style, due to its thicker bottomed crust, an edge crust that’s a bit firm and crunchy, and a generous amount of sauce and cheese.

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Time to start hitting up the decent places, then. I’ve also heard a lot of buzz about Opizza, but haven’t tried it myself.

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honestly prefer costco pizza to most “italian-style” “pizza” i’ve found here. it’s hard (impossible?) to find a proper american-style slice. in my experience anyway.

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I brought Opizza to my friend’s family’s Christmas celebrations since I live 5 hours away and the kids like it.

I picked it because of its high rating on Google Maps.

It’s good!

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looking forward to trying some of these. didn’t know about most.

Anyone tried here?

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Posto Pizza Napoletana

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Never heard of Andreas.

I think Legends is the go-to for most expats in KH, but I’ve never tried it. It’s too far to deliver on Uber Eats, and I’m not traveling across town for pizza.

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I will hahaha. While in known these days we bought a costco pizza. No offense to those that like them, but seriously a 1/10. 2/10 to be generous and because they arent microwaved. Salty, oily nastiness that causes bathroom visits lol. half that pizza is now in the freezer, waiting for eventual desperation.

Next week I am hoping to try Andrea’s or opizza. mentioned above. I was looking at their websites (god, why dont so many people have a website for their business and just use facebook!) and opizza was closed. maybe just the day, or are they out of business now?

do they both have done in?

I want to try legends as well, never been.

A common practice here in Taiwan, I’ve noticed. They don’t feel the need for websites, and as a freelance web developer that certainly doesn’t help me.

Annoys the piss out of me too. Even just a basic site. Especially with facebook getting more and more user unfriendly! I have passed on many restaraunts because their FB page is too annoying to use on a phone.

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A Taiwanese friend surprised me with her homemade pizza today for lunch. Vegetarian pizza:

First time in my life, coriander on a pizza. Not bad.

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Just went there this week. Italian style place. It’s decent. Not great. The restaurant decor is very nice with a lot of old-fashioned Italian kitsch and the servers are friendly too. Good in a pinch!


Nomination for the WORST pizza ever made, in any country, of all time!

I thought the seafood microwave bagged slices at 711 were pretty suspect, but my oh my. This might actually be toxic:

microwave bag in plastic tray ontop of what appears to be plasticizers corrugated paper. Looks like sign board. It smelled AND tasted like it was microwaved on sign board too!

you guessed it, from 711. Fucking horrendous and smells like toxic fumes.

Ate at 3:30am, threw up at 4. biggest mistake of the year.


I am going to call @tempogain to amend the rules so that this crime against humanity is at least tagged as nsfw.

It’ll be called @explant’s amendment. I gagged looking at it.



Legend’s is probably the best pizza in Kaohsiung. OPizza is the runner-up. There used to be Andy’s but it shut down a few years ago. Lots of good pizza options down here though.

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There’s a new vegetarian (if you’re into that sorta stuff) pizza stall at the newly renovated “hipster” section of YanCheng No. 1 Shared Market, or whatever it’s called in English.(鹽埕第一公有市場)

It’s literally just one man and a pizza oven (not brick oven) who does Naples-style pizza. His pizzas are slightly on the sweeter side to appease the Taiwanese (who proclaim to hate anything too sweet yet only eat Western food if it’s sweet), but they’re not bad and worth checking out if you’re looking for something new to try. He has the classic vegetarian pizzas like Margherita… just stay away from the ones with Taiwanese toppings. Oh and he’s also got Tabasco sauce if you like that on your pizzas.

He’s open in the evenings from Thursday to Sunday.