Kaohsiung Pros and Cons

Idk what you mean by haze. I never see that on a clear day.

If you go hiking it’s rare to see a clear view of Taipei,rare to see a clear view of anywhere , unless you go right up into the mountains.

When you go hiking you go right up into the mountains. Hiking = going into the mountains.

It looks like that in the summer when it rains a lot, which cleans the air. Not in the winter time (now) although I feel the weather has good as far as dry and not very cold

I was living in Taipei almost twenty years so I know what it’s like,also flying in and out of songshan , there’s almost always a pollution layer over the city. People in Taiwan think that milky blue color is normal but it’s actually diffracted from the PM2.5 so you don’t see the deep blues. Yes after a heavy rain or when the typhoon blows through you will see a clear sky.
Have a look at the blue color outside today you will see what I mean. It’s still pleasant to bask in the sunshine.

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the moolah keeps on rolling southward, along with eco-jobs

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