Katy Perry banned from China for wearing Taiwan flag in 2015 | Taiwan News

Katy Perry has been banned from entering China indefinitely for wearing Taiwan flag during 2015 show in Taipei

I thought oh nevermind.

Right ON. Good for her ! Can we get a pic of her in a Taiwan flag bikini ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Its unlikely that she accidentally was seen walking around in a Taiwanese flag. Looks like the sunflower protest or whatever was going on full swing at that point. I do find it odd that Katy Perry of all people would make a sacrifice to stand up against China. I guess if people from China want to see Katy Perry they can catch a show in Taiwan.

Yeah I’m sure they’re made aware of anything that might affect the $ before they come over here.

At least she didn’t tattoo it on her forehead.

Anyway, good for her. The island is better.

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She wrote this to the China government in October

nah, she’ll now be portrayed as an evil supporter of the evil fascist regime that rules over the rogue island of Taiwan. A true enemy of da people!

The usual celebrity backtrack:

  1. Pretend to give a toss about an issue in order to look edgy.
  2. Advisers point out how big a market China is.
  3. Shit pants, backtrack and apologize.

At least she doesn’t appear to have apologized yet. To paraphrase Milo: fuck the CCP’s feelings.

China hits back, basically saying if you want our business then behave yourself.

Victoria’s Secret models’ visa denial is of their own making

Yeah, Katy Perry wrote that. Course she did. Full marks to the Chinese flimflam artists who get this stuff out there, though. If they could learn to write proper colloquial English it would be even more effective than it already is.

Interesting that they teach excessive use of “meanwhile” over in the big smoke. I always thought it was a peculiarly Taiwanese thing.

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It’s a standard “contract” that performers need to sign before being given a visa.

What a biased state controlled propaganda article lol

The one got banned for squinting her eyes, that’s pretty rich.

In the past when China was weak, our feelings were ignored. Today, the Chinese mainland market is one of the world’s largest, and cannot be shunned by entertainers. They need to adjust, not hold grudges.

Where is the double palm gif? Ayayayayayayyyyyy


They’re so sensitive lol

Are they going to do the same each match?
Time to find a betting agency for those matches!!!


Seems a good strategy to make the PRC teams forfit the match. Opposing teams should take note of this.

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I fully expect more people with Tibet flags showing up in the next games, including lots of Germans, so that the team is either forced to not play at all or play while the flags are out there. They, the Chinese team, benefit from playing in Germany, not the German opponents (some clubs are opposed to the whole experiment), and they are in no position to demand people in the stands to behave to their liking. If you don’t like freedom of speech and expression go back home.


Good for Germany to basically say suck it up, we won’t bend our values to cater to your feelings.

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