Katy Perry banned from China for wearing Taiwan flag in 2015 | Taiwan News


Let’s wait until next match, though… there may be a nice influx of Chinese-shekels oiling the system and suddenly preventing Tibetan flags from entering the arena.


Wish I was there. Get HK and Taiwan flags there. Hong Kong has been booing the PRC national anthem.


This one?


I just saw 3 teams just outright don’t even want to play against them. And no one expects them to actually win any games. Anyone know which 3 teams won’t play them and why?


The article mentions:“Three teams have refused to face the Chinese after their fans protested”, so I guess they don’t want anything to do with the butthurt chinese getting a stroke if anyone shows up with a flag they don’t like. I didn’t check other sources, though.


It’s so stupid that VS decided to hold their mess of a show in China. They should’ve thought twice about it. I’m loving for all the drama with the visa mess lmao.


I was thinking more that the Chinese team has no football pedigree dispite how much money the CCP poured into building their football program paying older players to come, football academies and building more football pitches. So I thought teams might be against a team coming in to play against powerhouses like Germany and other countries when it doesn’t benefit them and can result in injury. China has missed 2 World Cup cuts now.


I checked another website and it still wasn’t clear if those 3 times decided to give up the training event before or after the Tibet flags issue. Regardless of that, the teams are from lower leagues and they’ll get like 17k euros per match, so I don’t think they’d worry too much about potential injuries.


Btw the models’ visa problem has nothing to do with Katy Perry. The Russian and Ukrainian models who got booked to walk show were denied visa because of the recent death of a teenage Russian model in China.

Gigi Hadid wasn’t allowed to enter because she made a funny Buddha face, squinting her eyes, so she’s been accused of racism.




Not surprising given Chinese people’s noted sensitivity towards racism.


The games are Friendlies and the Chinese team is not going to be included in that league’s table. They want to prepare for the Olympic Games in Japan and will pay the opponents 15,000 Euro as far as I know. The games are played on the days when the opposing team has a scheduled break in the season. I think they probably care about the Tibetan flags because the games are shown in China and they pay for the whole thing. If you pay you kind of expect some courtesy, that’s just normal. They probably should not have chosen Germany if they are afraid of protests, though.


I guess this trip has been successful, then: they’re getting prepared to what the Japanese public may be doing for the whole duration of the Olympics!


Oh that doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve always hated the Instagirls. Aka Gigi and Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Awful models who can barely walk.


I can get people offended by the squinty eye thing. But for a self proclaimed atheist state, funny they got offended by Buddha face.


It’s three teams out of 19, so 16 agreed to play. Each team receives 15,000 Euros, that’s a good sum for small clubs.


Imagine the conversation and confusion on that decision. Choosing racism vs state controlled atheism.

CCP 1 "but guys this is soooo racist!"
CCP 2 " no no no, we invaded Tibet for a reason, no Buddhism. It’s bad for the party. We are atheists! Let Gigi come with her sexy wings"
CCP 3 " as long as she doesn’t have a suspicious Uighur beard, she can come"
CCP 4 “whaaaaaa”


I was at Massive Attack’s gig last night in Hong Kong. Now that’s a band that won’t be playing in China anytime soon. They projected images of jailed China dissidents on to a screen and made pointed references to the anti-Beijing/pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong.


What was the crowds reaction. I haven’t talked to HK locals in a while so I’m not sure how much the pro democracy/independence sentiment has grown. I only see it on the news, but the ones I talked to are either happy about the money china brings and can accept the political status or hate the lack of autonomy the CCP promised and want out.


Yeah but these were all indie kids, the same ones what are heckling the anthem at the football. Plus Massive Attack actually go to the trouble of getting their on-screen messages and guerilla flash texts translated into Chinese.