Kazakhstan Crumbles

Russia and China. Which is why their alliance against the free world over the next couple decades will be such a dangerous time.


The videos I saw of the street fighting looked more like an actual battle without guns.
Of course the guns and shooting comes next.
It’s my understanding Kazakhs are a solid ethnic group. I don’t think they will welcome foreigners coming in to ‘police’ them

Edit - It seems it’s quite mixed ethnically.

Kazakhstan is a multiethnic country where the indigenous ethnic group, the Kazakhs, comprise the majority of the population. As of 2018, ethnic Kazakhs are 67.5% of the population and ethnic Russians in Kazakhstan are 19.8%.[1] These are the two dominant ethnic groups in the country with a wide array of other groups represented, including Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Germans, Tatars, Chechens, Ingush, Uyghurs, Koreans, and Meskhetian Turks.[

Certainly their governments are enemies of freedom and democracy. They will also corrupt as many countries as they can in order to control them.

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And, weirdly, the Russian people are seemingly satisfied by it. Nevermind that their standard of life is piss poor.

It’s like bragging about having a large dick while having every STD under the sun.

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Kazakhstan is the top global producer of uranium, and the unrest prompted an 8% jump in the price of the metal that fuels nuclear power plants. Rival producers in North America saw their share prices surge, including Canada’s Cameco (CCO.TO), up nearly 12% so far this year.

Kazakh uranium miner Kazatomprom said on Thursday it was operating normally with no impact on output or exports.

The country is also the world’s second-largest miner of bitcoin after the United States. Bitcoin’s “hashrate” - the measure of computing power of machines plugged into its network - dropped by over 10% on Wednesday after Kazakhstan’s internet was shut off, according to crypto mining firm BTC.com.

The whys seem to be a bit clearer.

Potassium too!!
(hiding the link because someone whinged at my last Borat reference lol and it was removed…lots of sensitive folk out there :laughing:)


21 Not So Best Borat Quotes | 21 Funny Borat Quotes That Are Offensive (scoopwhoop.com)

I came to this thread expecting some kind of tasty Central Asian treat. You know, Turkish delight, Kazakhstan crumbles. What a disappointment… :neutral_face:

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it’s toasted?

Sacha Cohen is a bit of a distraction, yes he went on about potassium, Kazakhstan is not a major source of potassium, uranium yes. Potassium no.

Ali G jokes or Borat jokes are not best suited to this thread.

It’s times like this I really miss @tando, our resident Stan expert… :cry:

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What happened to tando?

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She packed up her samovar and left… :cry:

With all due respect, I kind of disagree. When 90 percent of the world and probably Forumosa posters think of Kazakhstan, they think of Borat. Hell, even the tourist authority in the country recognized that after initially not liking the linkages.

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Yes, but you are in the other 10%, rather than mock the unwashed masses, care to share your real thoughts?

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The masses in energy producing countries expect low prices except gormless Canadians who never protest price increases of any kind (especially shocking considering banking fees or energy costs in the North). For example, water is more expensive than oil in Saudi, and when I worked there, many rank and file folk were outraged when the government raised prices on what they see as their natural birthright (and still less than a dollar per gallon after the increase).

What started the Egypt protests and Arab Spring? Food inflation.

LPG price increases, regional disparities within country, autocratic government since USSR independence, cronyism, the fighting DNA from the Mongols, etc. Not surprised.

BTW—Washington Post even mixes Borat with their coverage
What to know about the Kazakhstan fuel protests - The Washington Post

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I recall a historian who linked the price of bread with uprises during the French Revolution. Simplistic, but probably true to a degree.

Makes the whole “let them eat cake” line all the more nasty :laughing:

Borat jokes were lazy 10 years ago. Do we like it when dumbasses get Taiwan mixed up with Thailand and make sex-pat jokes?

If you make Borat jokes and your name isn’t Sacha Baron Cohen then you’re literally this guy at the end of this clip.

Media coverage, as per the WP article, are still linking them…Passé? Perhaps, but still intertwined in the eyes of many :laughing:

Do we like it when dumbasses get Taiwan mixed up with Thailand and make sex-pat jokes?

Backpacker lewdness and Khosan rd. or its Taipei equivalent? That groups like Sonny and Cher, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, etc.

While not as high as Thailand, Taiwan has relatively high levels of prostitution does it not? Not really such a contrast as you suggest although disgraceful in both instances.

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Marie was misquoted she didnt say let them eat cake

I think it was Shepard pot pie she was thinking of. I mean cake just is not healthy and they could pop off your head for saying that….