Ke$ha cancels Taipei concert 20 minutes before start of show after 'not acclimatizing' to Taiwan

Kesha allegedly canceled the concert because​ she was not “acclimatized to the food and weather” (水土不服) in Taiwan she needed to seek medical attention, reported [Apple Daily]

Anyone think there’s more to this story than they’re letting on?

I know exactly how she feels. I’ve just been back for two days, and the heat and humidity is making me feel like I can barely breathe.

Idk, this is bad for the organizer who not only have to refund and eat the cost of the whole thing. But time lost as well. Organizers already hate to do anything for Taiwan because people here don’t buy tickets early. Big names also don’t like to come for this reason. The organizer will probably sue Kesha for the loss.

Janis Joplin completed a gig with a broken neck. Kesha feels a bit uncomfortable and pulls it.

They certainly aren’t what they used to be.

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In all fairness, odds of Janis Joplin being so self-medicated she didn’t even notice are pretty good.
Just sayin


Not acclimatized to the food and weather? So basically she was sweaty and had the sharts. Doesn`t that describe a lot of people? What a princess. Must have been baptised into hot pot and stinky tofu just before!

Insurance will pay!

Kesha who?


It serves concertgoers right for buying tickets to a Ke$ha concert. That’ll learn ‘em.


Wasn´t she the one who was an English teacher in Taiwan before making it? Maybe I am confused… they all look and sound the same. Which is why I do not listen to anything from this century. :grandpa:

That was Courteney love – she was deported from Taiwan back in the 80s.

And she wasn’t an English teacher, but an exotic dancer…

I`m sure both came into the equation at some point.

I guarantee the papers made that up, it sounds nice in Chinese and is kind of a stock saying for Taiwanese people. Their statement says “Under doctor’s orders, she is unable to take the stage tonight.” Maybe it’s bullshit, but I doubt the papers have a line on it.

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Maybe they were nice enough to help her save face instead of saying she had explosive diarrhea?

To be fair, it’s pretty intense to do a whole concert. I would probably call it quits if I have explosive diarrhea than to risk shitting on stage.

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It couldn`t be worse than her singing. :sweat_smile:


She’s a ok singer, maybe not a fan of her style of music. But she’s actually a really great song writer. She writes almost all her songs and she also writes for a lot artists.

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Considering she spells her name with a dollar sign, it’s hard to imagine she’s a good songwriter…

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I guess good is subjective in music. I do appreciate her writing her own songs vs the typical artist these days.

As I’m down with the kids I have picked-up on some of the rumours swirling around:

  1. Ticket sales for this gig were only around 900 (in a 5000+ capacity). She’s also cancelled 4 gigs in China. However, I find poor ticket sales unlikely to lead to a cancellation 20 minutes before she was due to go on stage. She could have had a prima donna turn when she saw how few people were there?

  2. She suffers from bulimia and her body might not have been up for it.

  3. Drugs.

My money’s on 3. Probably one of those prescription opioids stupid rich people with too much time on their hands enjoy.

Although ChewDawg’s hotpot theory holds some water. I remember my first hotpot experience was very much an in-and-out dining experience.

EDIT: Actually, I’m moving more towards the food theory. “Welcome to Taiwan, you simply must try our famous food!”. Yep, I can some tasty night market snacks leading to disaster.