Kefir grains / where to buy

The Carrefour ones are just one-use packets, as mentioned by somebody else. Not really what I want.
Does anyone living in Taipei have any kefir grains they’d like to share? I’d pay you a few bucks for them. If so, please PM me. Getting some shipped from overseas is going to be a pain for sure.

Carousell. I mentioned it above. Here is a link for the lazy

I prefer not to register with websites where I need to “verify” (almost guaranteed to be a pain) where possible. This is not because of laziness, rather it’s experience. Guess what, I just tried to register with Carousell and sure enough couldn’t get through the process for some technical reason. I’ve contacted the website.

In the meantime, if anyone can help me out please PM me. Thanks.

I went a few weeks ago to Carrefour and bought the cheapest package they had. It was more expensive per gram or dose than the Carrefour branded but my rationale was that if I were going to reuse the shit and keep the critter alive, it didn’t really matter how many satchels came in the box. However, the annoyingly caring clerk did tell me that I shouldn’t reuse that shit or it would become stinky. TBH I don’t even know how I understood that woman because she didn’t speak English and I don’t speak Chinese, but I swear she came to say that… but that didn’t make sense to me. The bacteria and fungi should be alive, so what exactly makes not possible to reuse the bug?

Exactly. I believe the packet stuff is dehydrated and small grains. In theory, once they are hydrated they are alive and should grow…But I’m looking to buy some active grains off someone.

IF I’m successful in this new biotechnological experiment I wouldn’t mind to give you a starter, if you are in Taipei area.

Good luck and thanks for the offer. It will be interesting to see if you can “grow” the grains from a sachet. In theory, it should be possible…

Milk Kefir? Kefir can be used in most liquids that contain ‘sugars’.

Well yeah nah. The kefir that grows in milk is likely to need the things found in it. However there’s a water kefir that it’s probably very similar, if sharing name means something:

(not sure if that’s exactly I knew from when I first read about this shit a couple of years ago).

What I mean is if I can keep the culture in the fridge, and it doesn’t go bad as suggested here and by the clerk at Carrefour, then I’m more than happy to share the bug.