Ketogenic "Keto" diet in Taiwan

I guess you are not a fan of arroz con leche?

No idea what that is…but I don’t like cinnamon >_>

I notice you’re OK with cream in your coffee now :slight_smile:

I agree with the comment above that milk is probably just fine when you’re in a weight-maintenance phase. However if you’re trying to keep yourself in (or ‘near’) ketosis a 12oz latte would be a problem.

When I can find that particular brand of cream, yeah. Otherwise, it’s Americano for me.

Talking about 12oz latte, when you taste a Starbucks after being keto, you realize it is a weak coffee flavored drink.

Starbucks lattes are crap.

And the cinnamon rolls suck.

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A little bit of warning:

Just to let you know but when you will start eating carbs again ( and trust me you will) you will gain all the weight back plus more. This is by no means a sustainable way of living, the amount of fat suggested by this fad diet is way too high, your cholesterol will be above the stars after a while and you will have serious health issues. I know so so so many people that switched from Keto to Mediterranean and had both great weight loss and health benefits they just did not have while following Keto.

Anyways about the eating out, it will be very hard but u can do it if you order from the side dishes menu of most restaurant, as you know carbs are a no no and you can calculate your intake using my fitness pall very easily to make sure you are on track.

Good luck in your journey and make sure you visit your doctor regularly for checkups!


Other options:

If you switch back to eating in a way that made you fat originally, of course it will continue to make you fat. Losing weight doesn’t miraculously change the laws of physics (or biochemistry).

Anyway, why do you believe it’s inevitable that one would do this? Certainly some people do a weird unhealthy variant of LCHF and end up craving fuel (usually because they’re not eating enough fat). Again, though, that’s not an indictment of the general principle.

Dietary fat has no cause-effect connection with circulating total cholesterol or any lipoprotein fractions, at least not in the simplistic manner you suggest. The vast majority of people who switch to a LCHF diet actually see their cholesterol markers drop into the normal ranges (for whatever that’s worth). It’s pretty funny really: the detractors acknowledge that this happens, because it’s hard to argue with reproducible lab results. But they still assert that LCHF has gotta be, like, bad for you. Because fat.

They were almost certainly doing ‘keto’ wrong. The difference between LCHF and Mediterranean is trivial; in fact I’d argue that Mediterranean is just the maintenance phase of LCHF with saturated fats removed (which is neither necessary nor desirable) and a slightly higher carb limit.

Why not try intermittent fasting. Just eat one meal per day. No need to count calories or be strict about ketogenic diet. Eat anything. Keep insulin level low by eating only one meal per day. Animals in wilderness only eat once per day. Veterinarians recommend feeding pets one meal per day. Why would human beings be any different? Only thin adults or growing adolescent needs 3 meals per day. One meal per day is a great life style change for weight management. Check out Dr Jason Fung and his book the Obesity Code to learn about how insulin is key to weight loss.

Personally, I have had the best results by going hungry for part of the day Monday - Friday with a very small lunch. Basically, I’m hungry starting at around 2:30 pm and stay that way until dinner. I get a small snack, but it’s usually something that helps only for about 30 minutes. For best results, the snack is something sugar free.

I haven’t tried intermittent fasting in the way most approach it (meals for 8 hours, no meals for 16 hours, for example), but from my experience, I could see how it would work for some.

Going low carb and eating three meals hasn’t worked for me because I always end up getting in some carbs- chocolate, beer, pizza, noodles, cake, etc. Some excuse to indulge always seems to come up. So I go a bit hungry every day as part of my workday routine. It works for me.

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Cats cannot fast or they go into fatal liver failure. Two meals a day is already pushing it and if I am not up and their bellies full by 7am there are consequences. Don’t ask.

Intermittent fasting FOR HUMANS does have its merits, and of course, it depends on your level of physical activity.


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Picking up my lunch now. It works, that’s all I know. 8 kilos lost and kept off. Starting about a year ago. I could lose 1 or 2 kilos more, but don’t feel any need to do so.


A lot of people mix IF with Keto.

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If that were my lunch I would lose some kilos for sure. And I would beg for the gas chamber too.

Ha, ha! No pain, no gain! I have a nice high-carb breakfast, and then I indulge at dinner, almost always with drinks. It doesn’t bother me. I’ve made great gains in sports. For cycling and running, much of the gains was due to reduced weight. It’s a small price to pay, in my mind!