Ketogenic "Keto" diet in Taiwan

Anyone do this in Taiwan? I started about 5 days ago but I’m having a difficult time finding eat-out or finding snack foods in Taiwan I don’t have to prepare myself.

What to eat in Taiwan to avoid carbs?

So far eating out I’ve mostly found

  • meat and vegetables
  • eggs
  • salad,
  • fish and sashimi.

Snacks are

  • low carb nuts like peanuts
  • avocado
  • unsweetened jerky which is difficult to find.

Drinking only

  • no carb drinks like tea and coffee
  • nearly 2 liter or water per day because constantly thirsty.

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates.

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Eating out, look at the buffet places, Korean bbq, hotpot.

There is a place in city hall station that does Keto shakes.

If you go to the traditional market, you can bulk buy avocado for cheap. Coconut oil is cheap at Costco

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Thanks. Really? I’ll be looking for that.

Good luck, my friend! I’ll have an extra beer on your behalf!


Peanuts are legumes, not nuts.


Low carb or no flour/sugar snacks in Taiwan are very hard to find. I avoid stuff made from flour or that contains extra sugar, my options for a snack are usually sweet potatoes, boiled eggs, papaya, anything made from rice that doesn’t pack too many calories (like the small rice triangles at 7/11) and similar stuff.

What’s a keto shake? I’d be curious to try, never heard of that!

Hoity-toity cow.

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Well guess I’m a goober.

Just trying to keep things fact-based. :sunglasses:

I won’t bother going into all the expert opinion about keto being yet another unhealthy fad diet.

Please don’t.

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Do I get a cookie?

Yeah I have a cabinet full that won’t be eating for a couple weeks.

No wonder you need to go on a keto diet. :grin:

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Are these “carb drinks” if you have the plain (i.e. black coffee, plain oolong tea)?

Just curious about how long you plan to maintain this?

Yes all drinks are no carb. Black coffee,tea with nothing added. Or occasionally maybe just add a little cream but not much.

I’m going to do a two weeks and then see how I feel. This is not a lifestyle change.

I lost 1.7 kilo in the first 5 days.

My energy level is way up and also the sharpness of my mind.

YMMV, if you are eating right you should eventually not need much in the way of snacks. The only time I feel the need is when I am sitting on my ass in front of a computer. If I am going out for the day I’ll pack nuts from Costco. Your local convenience store has some decent options, tea eggs, expensive nuts, sweet potato, and low carb fruit.

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Might be water weight. I regularly lose a couple kilos after a long run.


Yea I’m on day 6 and I really don’t have much of an appetite and need for snacks. But I do have that habit calling me when I’m sitting at the computer at night time

Could be water weight but I drink over 2 liters of water daily and still thirsty.

Oh, I misunderstood, my bad. I read “no card drinks” = avoiding carb drinks.

Glad your experience is good so far. A few years back, I tried reduced carb for a while (like 2 weeks or so). Some time later I tried to reduce fat (ate fruits and veggies and grains, beans, etc.). I came to the sad conclusion that at least in my case it was the calorie amount that made the difference for weight maintenance. Can’t comment on other benefits or drawbacks other than I’d have a hard time eliminating fruit especially in the warm weather.