A month of Keto

Awesome. Challenge accepted.

Make sure to do the measurements as well, it is the true indicator of fat loss outside of calipers or a fat percentage machine.

Good luck boys. I added 14 hour fasting to my daily routine and lost 10kg in about a month but discovered I was a scrawny joe under the fat so have started pushing weights 3 days/week. 6’ 222lbs to 197lbs.


I thought bacon is loaded with fat, so how could you get rabbit starvation from it?

I didn’t mention bacon.

So called “rabbit starvation” is caused by eating an excess of lean meat/protein in the absence of fat AND carbs. Keto diet favors fatty meat.

I gained 40lbs since going on a modified keto. Guess it doesn’t work for everyone.

There’s also this other thread that includes recommendations on eating at home and places and things to eat out in Taiwan.

Too much protein gets converted into carbs if I remember correctly. I’ve been into IF for years and I believe that fasting has allowed me to achieve ketosis without restricting my diet so severely. I don’t stay in ketosis 24/7 so that’s a down side. Also, don’t forget to get some mints or gum because ketosis makes your breath funky.

I’ve done something like this in the past with good success. But I would have a decent dinner while watching carb intake. I would get nice and full. I got down to 86 kilos doing this. I had to then be very careful about carb intake for breakfast to get down to 85 and 84 kilos. I’m now heavier after a month in the US and so this thread interests me.

My question for the experts here is this: What is meant by high fat? I just went out to MOS Burger and got chicken nuggets (they have a package of 3 big, full meat nuggets) and some ice coffee (just a bit of sugar added). So is this keto (or could it be if I ditched the added sugar altogether)? Or is this just kind of a low carb snack? And the fried nuggets. Is the oil in this the fat talked about in keto?

How do you get the fat for keto in Taiwan?

Edit: I see much of what I’m after as far as keto in Taiwan is concerned is in the thread linked above by tango42. I guess I’ll look through that. I still am curious about my other questions, though.

Until I downloaded an app I really had no idea even though I thought I had some clue. Learned a lot by tracking everything.

Have to kind of track by the day and not by the meal. If you have tea with sugar then you have to adjust everything else that day to make sure you don’t exceed your desired amount of carb.


Forget about eating out if you’re going to go keto. Carbs are everywhere. A lot harder to cut carb than cutting sodium (which is also everywhere).

My weigh-in this morning, to establish a Baseline: 237 lbs. I wanted to measure my waistline, but could not find a tape measure.

Your options eating out are basically 滷味, eggs from convenience stores, biandang lunch box shops, and beef noodle soup - hold the noodles.
Much easier to maintain if you can cook / have access to Costco.


Eggs at convenience stores are keto friendly but have unhealthy nitrates. Avoid the rice and breaded meats in biandang box.

These are some keto friendly meals out

  • Hakka style Pork belly and mustard greens

  • Hot Pot meat and vegetables only in clear water or simple broth

  • Barbeque meat no sauce

  • German sausage and sauerkraut

  • Pork knuckle

  • Egg and cheese omelette

  • Salad

  • Sashimi

  • Low carb option on hamburgers.


  • The Diner has a keto menu.

Regular keto plus unlimited beer?


It’s literal…count your carb, protein, and fat grams. Make sure you are getting most of your calories from fat, most recommend 65% at minimum targeting 75-80%. You have to know what’s going into your body and track it carefully…there are trackers that make this pretty easy.

My guess is the carbs in fried chicken at Mos would put you close to or over your limit for the day.

So the app I am using says I should not exceed 26g of carbs. Wow, that is low. I definitely failed for day one - I was around 58g of carbs. Breakfast of blueberries and full fat yogurt were the culprit for sure (responsible for 24g of carbs). Slowly but surely tweaking it to get it right.

Today: 65% fat, 23% protein, 11% carbs. 2142 calories.

Exercise: walked 2.8 km

Today I had black coffee for breakfast, and a Cobb salad for lunch. If I was home I would use olive oil and some vinegar on a salad like this. In a restraunt I only used a little dab of dressing, then realized the dressing is full of sugar and who-knows-what. Ate my salad with salt and pepper.

Did not feel any hunger.

Dinner was my wife’s bolognese sauce with pork and beef (yes the tomatos add some carbs), with butter added, and an egg fried with coconut oil (extra oil added), and a handful of spinach leaves

Feeling satisfied, not hungry. I will fast until lunch tomorrow.

If too low and especially if doing any aerobic exercise like walking, then might feel some dizziness, etc. Should be adjustable on the app.

Just throwing this out maybe already known. Cobb salad is good without the corn that usually comes in Cobb salad. Most tomato sauce from the store has sugar and carb.

Real butter is great and even recommended.

I’m fairly certain chicken nuggets are very high in carbs. Non-breaded, non-sweet chicken wings are the best you can do to come close. And be careful, almost all regular BBQ sauces throw in a ton of sugar.