Kevin Spacey Came Out


60 to 40 ratio like in those Communist dens like Sweden, Norway, Iceland and such? Those are the only ones I have heard of. Oh oyoyoyyy.


Power corrupts absolutely and all that jazz.


Add Canada, politically correct US states, etc. :grin:



These lists always seem to have one glaring exception. That former president who has repeatedly been publicly accused by one woman of violently raping her, a claim he has never denied. The same president who paid nearly a million dollars to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit in which he was accused of exposing his genitals to a subordinate and telling her to “kiss it.”

As long as some powerful men are still being given a pass to avoid being held accountable these lists don’t mean anything.


Well, I don’t recall anyone dressing up in odd costumes or try to pick up 12-year-olds in record shops…

I suppose my point was twofold:

a) The line between banter and verbal abuse depends an awful lot on context, intent, and the actors involved. The average resident of Stoke-on-Trent (the location of which I speak) was neither a master of eloquent verbal seduction nor - in the case of those on the listening end - a big fan of that approach. Everyone was quite happy to keep things at a simian level.

b) People seemed a lot more able to deal with things on the spot back then. As Hamletintaiwan said, an inappropriate remark would either be met in kind, or with a good solid slap. And the man involved would be suitably chastened. Despite their preference for the direct approach, nobody would ever, in my world, have followed up that sort of response with more provocative remarks or an attempt at a grope.

It seems to me that, despite endless wittering about ‘empowerment’, women are less empowered in this regard than they ever were - they seem unwilling or unable to take control of the situation and put the offending party in his place. This is weird, because back in the day, men would (sometimes) have been given a free pass if they actually did cross the line to assault, while today they’ll be tarred and feathered for an overly long glance at some cleavage. You’d think this would make women more confident about drawing their personal line in the sand, but it appears not.

I do realise that endless comments from men, or getting prodded like they’re a piece of meat, can get right on women’s nerves. Especially in (say) South America where it’s happening all the time. Things go downhill fast, I think, when the men involved actually do see the woman as a piece of meat and therefore won’t be stopped by a sharp retort, and would respond to a slap with violence.


Yes dear? :slight_smile:


Some guys really miss the 70’s.


Spacy’s seeking unspecified treatment. It’s interesting how they only ever realise they have a problem after they get caught.


I think there’s a crapload of money to be made opening up the Gary Glitter Keep It In Your Friggin Pants Treatment Center, what do you reckon???


Rehab is basically paying big bucks to isolate yourself from the ravenous media. It’s not really about treatment per se. Just ask Harvey.


Looks like House of Cards may be in trouble:

“The production assistant says that when he and Spacey were just minutes away from the set and while the car was moving, Spacey, who was driving, put his hands down the production assistant’s pants. The production assistant told CNN that the touching was nonconsensual.”


Eh, the last couple seasons have sucked anyway. Looks like this House of cards will collapse (there I am being super obvious again). Wonder if NetFlix will even complete that last season? Probably not. I’m really disappointed in Spacey. I loved him in stuff like Usual Suspects, Seven, LA Confidential, American Beauty and K-Pax (haha that last one is a joke). It’ll definitely be hard to watch those now. On the upside we are getting some great memes out of it.


He’s good in the right roles for sure, but I always found House of Cards unwatchable, so no loss really.


He plays slightly creepy guys really well.


As they say, the best acting is no acting.


countless memes have been produced about KS, but this one is the one to rule them all


On deflection: yeah, any possibility of changing the title of the thread?


How about Kevin Spacey Came in a Potted Plant? Oh wait…that was Harvey Weinstein.


what a time to be alive

Sexual allegations -- political aspects

He’s not even kidding :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil: