Kevin Spacey Came Out


And we’ve know that for 2 days (see first post in thread)


Finally something I can comment about. There’s a huge misconception behind PTSD, even within the veteran community. It is not, “I went through something bad and now I think of it from time to time.” I’ve gone through a lot, as did everyone I worked with, and many more went through even more than any of us. But nobody I’ve worked with aside from one claims PTSD, why?

This is a debilitating condition that consumes the individual from the inside. Not just thinking about an event once or twice a week. No, most individuals experience reoccurring nightmares and night terrors. Cold sweats. Lack of sleep. Frequent flashbacks. Anxiety attacks. Panic attacks. As stated, this condition really consumes an individual from the inside.

Anyone can experience it. Firefighters, law enforcement, civilians, anyone that goes through a traumatic event. I recall some news articles in the 90s of parents that watched their loved ones being murdered in front of them. One of which I recall was a father who watched his wife drown their 3 children one by one, he never recovered mentally from this event.

We often relate PTSD to the military because infantry (11B, 03xx, etc.) exist solely for deploying to active combat zone. Something most people can’t stomach. Something the military trains hard to mentally prepare for. The effects are profound, early case studies in “shell shock” greatly display what PTSD looks like.

Do I think somebody is suffering from this condition from a drunk gay man rubbing their junk? Probably not. I agree with you


Crazy story, my friends got two boats one summer and we went out to drink etc. The other boat, the guy turned the boat on with a guy in the back next to the propeller and it almost cut him on half, he lost one of his legs that was barely attached.

The guy driving the other boat freaked out and just took off just loosing it. Me and my friend went and dragged the other kid to our boat and called the EMS with his leg literally chopped up barely still attached and a huge cut on his side. They saved him but he lost his leg. The police came and asked what happened and this social lady came and offered me and my friend who dragged him counseling and was asking us about it and stuff. We both brushed it off right then and didn’t think much of it.

A couple weeks later, I started having some real issues and it really fucked with my head. I had to do some counseling for PTSD for that event. It was just crazy. I’ve never seen a human being look like a piece of chopped up meat before.


Not even close, young Finno me lad.
Classic false equivalency


I read the same thing about this British politician today.

He touched her knee, 30 years ago. Oh my god! Of course, in a situation of dependency, it’s highly inappropriate.
I am glad to be out of this dating mess, but for the next generation this is going to be a nightmare. One wrong move and they are marked as sexual offenders for life.
A slap into the face should do for a 20 years old.

Spacey on the other hand, at 25 trying to seduce a 14 years old?
Problem, it’s long time ago. The victim had enough time to peruse this. Also does this have to be in public? IF someone robs my home in Germany and I got it on camera, I am not allowed to put it on youtube, cause of the robbers privacy rights.
But here, anyone can smear anybody 30 years later. Why do people need to treat sex as a different subject to others?

It looks like an attempt to enter an era of sexual repression. Where this leads, we can all witness in the middle east. A lot of sexually frustrated guys grabbing the guns.

Look! Trump was a pacifist. He did not go to Vietnam. He had his own Vietnam/war.:yum:


So do i need to ask permission from my teammates if I can give them a slap ass in our baseball game this saturday?


Great screaming baldheaded Christ on a Segway, junior, are we back to your whole teammate ass-slapping paraphilia??

I would have thought the horror of a friggin Astros Series win would have cured you of that, yeesh…


i hate the astros. what a pitiful performance by the dodgers batters. 10 runners left on base…4 gifted with HBP.


Indeed. When I were a lad, a classy chatup line was something along the lines of ‘hoy, duck, get yer baps out for the lads’. The standard response, IIRC, was some withering insult about the instigator’s lack of manhood. However, the point was, the banter would go on for a bit in a good-natured fashion, and sooner or later someone would indeed get their baps out for the lads. All good fun.

I agree that this does seem to be some sort of backlash of prudery, but people are trying to hold onto their right-on, gender-rights credentials while being simultaneously prudish. It’s getting weird.


Wow! It sounds like finley grew up in an Anthony Burgess novel!


No means no, unless you are in Japan.:laughing: (where it can sometimes mean yes or so I have heard)

Seriously though, it is entertaining seeing sleazy Hollywood disintegrate from these revelations of abuse. Weinstein, Spacey, a number of directors, Hoffman…who is next?




that’s ‘teflon Trump’ to you, I reckon. It seems to be common knowledge he’s an old perv, and nobody cares.


Those were the days, I remember when a guy would step out for a smoke, some middle aged woman would be walking down the road and one of his “friends” would pop their head out the door and shout “slapper” and quickly dart in to leave the poor sod standing there and subject to a barrage of abuse from the middle aged woman.


So off the top of my head, the score-card is Weinstein, George HW Bush, Mark Halperin, Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Piven, Dustin Hoffman, Brett Rattner, and I’m forgetting a couple B-list and C-List names. A couple YouTube people have been accused of harassment as well, like the Honest Trailers guy.


Either that, or the previous thread on the subject being consigned to the flames for eternity…
:fire: :imp: :fire:


One of the many things I love about Taiwan is that I do not have to walk down the street holding my purse against my genitals because some jerk might find it funny to grab my cat faced part. On the bus. On the street. Daytime. In a crowd. They do not care as society is sick and basically turns a blind eye. Though it has improved. People may complain if it is child, but if you are wearing a miniskirt, you had it coming. But complaining might get you killed, so you are on your own. That is our normal everyday life in the tropics.

And it seems for Hollywood someone thought that was normal to exchange a trist male or female, sexual favors for a part. Again, it is the powerful imposing themselves. One wonders how they make money when they use the little head instead of the big head for business. But they are powerful. And couch auditions are normal. So we have been told.

The problem when someone in a position of authority, that can fire you, comes with these so called sexual jokes or drunken advances, is that there is a real fear that they escalate. The words become yes, triggers. The victim blames him or herself for finding themselves in that position, cornered, and when out of the situation, the trauma replays with the background noise of I should have done this or that. But unless they are that person’s equal, they cannot face them. Confront them or repeal them. Or deal with that as a joke. It becomes the new normal to bottle up…until it doesn’t.

It is disappointing to find out that some of my favorite actors or directors have abused their power over those who contribute making a movie, especially in this sexual sense, because it becomes a ticking bomb. All under the sky is revealed and all that jazz. But one has to wonder if it us not more of just an expression of the overall condition of society. Same happens in corporate field, in stores, warehouses, factories. Perhaps a wider scope will reveal a larger malaise.


And increasingly, in fields dominated by women, such as government, women are also doing the aggressive bullying – whether sexual or otherwise. This will happen in any power-structured atmosphere.




I am saying in some government fields there is a 60 to 40 female to male ratio and that you see a lot of women behaving badly.

Instead of looking at all of the abuses as a male-female thing, I see them as power based. Where there are fields that attract power-hungry sociopaths (e.g. government, movie making, singing, etc.) you will have such abuse.