Key Trump adviser sought to promote white nationalism

Not sure to what extent this has been verified.

One person here may have been on it though

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Let’s see the emails. I don’t trust the media to report accurately, and I sure as shit don’t trust the SPLC to do so. But if the guy promoted white nationalism, he should be gone with a denouncement from Trump. If he went to “white nationalist” sites like Breitbart to get stories, chalk this up as another SPLC smear job supported by the media.

I don’t have the highest opinion of the SPLC either, but I don’t have the impression they would simply make stuff up. They could also simply be misinformed though.

It seems more that he went to more extreme sites to recommend material to Breitbart.

I don’t think they would make up the existence of the emails. I think they would characterize certain beliefs, people, or sites as “white nationalist” even though virtually no one else would…because they’ve done this a ton already. Anyway, if this guy was supporting white nationalism, he needs to be gone. But I won’t know until I see the emails.


Among the more damning email exchanges highlighted in the SPLC report is one that shows Mr Miller directing a Breitbart reporter to aggregate stories from the white supremacist journal American Renaissance, or “AmRen,” for stories that emphasise crimes committed by immigrants and non-whites.

In another, Mr Miller is apparently upset that Amazon removed Confederate flag merchandise from its marketplace in the wake of the 2015 Charleston church massacre. Others reportedly show him promoting The Camp of Saints , a racist French novel popular among white nationalists.

I’m surprised, said no one who has ever paid attention.


You sure about that?

I just don’t even bother reading things other than small snippets about Trump anymore. There have been so many media lies I don’t know what’s true and what isn’t. Are they still banging on about Russian bots or has that blown over yet ? Or the porn star with the big uns?


So she probably made 500 000 to a 100,000 out of it I’d guess. Having prolonged her career.

The whole thing was probably just a marketing scheme. “Put your _____ where Trump put his _____.”

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I only looked at one claim on the SPLC website. Snippets of the email. That’s not enough for me. I need some emails saved in Scribe for me to believe it’s valid.

That being said, it’s not the first time Miller has been associated or alleged to have white supremacist ties/ideology. When your own relatives publicly disavow you, you have to be pretty shady.

He’s nothing but a shonda for the goyim.


toxic culture, #metoo experiences, and more.
I don’t even have time to copy/paste SPLC’s political bias. Miller is a dummy, but this is an SPLC nothing-burger so far

To be fair, all of that exists at a majority of American companies. It’s to what degree.

fully agree.
that’s why i said i don’t have time to paste all the political bias stuff.
anyone can google SPLC political bias to read up on it

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I’m actually more surprised the Guardian still exists.

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It isn’t surprising, no.

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I also thought the Grauniad was a gonner, but credit where credit is due, Katherine Viner has managed to keep the esteemed organ afloat.

IOTW, “I can’t refute the evidence, so let me try and change the subject.”


Didn’t they get caught lying and lost all credibility or something like that. Well good for her keeping the old rag going.