KGB Kiwi Gourmet Burgers

after 11 since I first got the idea for a gourmet burger place in Taipei and 5 years of seriously tryng to get open, me and Matt have opened.
Everyone who knows us knows how long we’ve been trying to get open so cheers for the support over that time. We’ve been open about 3 weeks and so far so good.

We’re on Shih Ta rd. opposite the Wellcome supermarket. The address is Shih Ta rd. lane 114, no. 5. Look for the red sign with “kgb” just down lane 114.

We came up with name about 3 years ago to make it easier for both Taiwanese and forieners to remember it.

Our burgers are more in the style of NZ gourmet burgers. We only use NZ beef and we make our own beef patties. All the chicken is free range and the sauces are our own recipes. Our head chef has over 20 years experience so it makes the food consistantly to the standard we are trying to achieve and means we have a wealth of experience in our development team.

We have 2 vegetarian burgers that even I really like (I’m not a veg).

We have Monteiths, VB and soon we’ll have some South African beers as soon as the shipment arrives. We also sell Rooibos tea (South Africans know what that is).
We’ve been stoked with all the support from everyone and gotta admit that we actually have taken in a lot of the advice and acted on it. So cheers for that.

Anyways enough blah, check us out on facebook “kgb taiwan” or just shimmy down and have a burger.

Oh yeah, the kitchen is open from 12 to 10 everyday and we close up about 11 usually.


Hey Antoni,
That’s great news. Congratulations, and I wish you the best of luck with this.

‘Gourmet’ sounds kind of intimidating. I will have to hold my pinkie in the air when I eat one of those burgers.

Cheers mate :slight_smile:

No Stu. He said “pinkie”.

“White Lady” comes to Taipei?

haha mate, nah, not the White Lady. Hope ya not too disappointed.

A bit bloody stupid not posting until 18:18. I was already on my way to work and would have already passed Shida Rd. Pay more attention in future, please. :wink:

PS I’ll be in on Thursday for a carry-out at 18:30.

Been there about 5 times already. Love the burgers. There’s about 7 varieties of beef burger, 5 chicken and two veggie burgers. I’ve only had the veggie burgers, but friends tell me the others are great too.

Burgers come with chips or salad and there’s beers (NZ, Taiwan and Aussie), soda and a few other things available too.

It’s a nice spacious cafe with a little porch for outdoor seating. The location is excellent, just a minute from Taipower MRT Exit 3.

Antoni, the boss, is a nice guy too. I’ve known him for ten years, so I should know :wink:


Contrary to the pics above I was pleased to see the burgers came on a plate! The food was pretty good. But $530 for lunch (burger, salad, fries, ice tea) was a bit steep esp in a place with a dodgy paint job, grubby furniture that looks picked up off the street, ciggy burns on the table tops, packing crates for a deck.

Nice start boys but you’ll need to pull your socks up to keep up with the Jonese. I could eat the same lunch at Bongos over the way for half the price. No set meal will ensure the locals and students keep away which would be the death of most restraunts in Shi Da.

Please don’t take my blunt feedback personally! it is honest and sincere! I’d like to see you guys do well and still be around a year from now.

Your meal was quite large mate.
The prices are on the menu so I assume you knew the cost when you ordered it mate. You also did say the food was “pretty good”.
You have a choice of a salad or fries with the burger.

You ordered a side salad to go with your burger and fries. The salad is a decent size. I have the Rocket salad with grilled chicken for lunch and that alone keeps me content for a couple of hours.

The ice tea you ordered must have been the large size, not the small. The tea is Rooibos tea which is as far as I can tell is only available in 1 other café in Taipei or even Taiwan. Starbucks did sell it for a while. South Africans will tell you that Rooibos is a good tea.

The burgers start at $190/200 so you must have ordered one of our specialty burgers at around $260. $260 is probably the Tower. The Tower is a vegetarian (or vegan if you don’t have the garlic mayonnaise). It consists of a stack of grilled vegetables such as red & yellow peppers, eggplant, mushroom, rocket lettuce as well as our other specialty lettuces topped with our own aioli (garlic mayonnaise).

You may have chosen our base burger at $200 and then added Gouda cheese and then probably another specialty sauce like blue cheese (real blue cheese), our satay (peanut sauce with 9 different ingredients), or fresh avocado. Either way you did choose.

Our bread is specially made for us and wasn’t easy to get to our specifications. The patties are made by us as are all the sauces.

The furniture you’re talking about was given to us by John and Jarred from PS Café when they had to close down at the same time we were opening up. In fact they gave us about $200 000 worth of stuff for free (we kiwis tend to do that for mates) and anyone who went to PS knows that they had styly stuff there and we got given it all. So it was free but not from the street (kinds rough comment that one I thought by the way). The rest of the furniture is new.
The decking …well mate, I love sitting outside having a drink and there’s not many places in Taipei you can do that. The deck was specially built (out of good wood, treated and then varnished) . It’s pretty much always occupied so others like it too.
Oh, the paint job, I tend to play spot the mistake too (yep I did it, except the really good bits that Daniel did and he is a professional painter) and have penciled in touch ups but there’s so much to do when ya first open so sadly it’s on the list but neared the middle.

As for keeping up with the Jonses, well we figure we’ll just focus our attention on what we do set our own standards. This is a big enough city (as many people as my whole country) that we think we’ll find our own niche.

The set meal … you do get the choice of fries or salad with what is already a big burger. We didn’t include a drink as we also take pride in the new drinks we are putting on the menu and don’t think of ourselves as a burger bar. Already a lot of people have worked out that it’s really nice just having a drink and chilling during the afternoon or for a having a few beers with ya meal before you start the night.

Actually the most pleasing thing has been the number of people who have been back. By the way, cheers Brian for the pics.

I think most people can see through ya comments though mate so don’t take it personally if I call a spade a spade. Us kiwis can be a lot of things but we are usually honest and straight up.

God, they do sound good! Tell me where you get your rocket or I’ll kill you. Simple as that.

Fair Go mate! The food, it is good.
Only there is nothing to “see through” my comments, it’s expensive, a side of either salad or fries a set meal does not make, the decor is shabbily done and furniture is stuff that would have otherwise been thrown out by a cafe that closed down after 5 years in operation.

I’d prefer to see “it’s expensive in my opinion.” He’s actually posted his prices and they’re not at all expensive in my opinion.

Let’s keep things civil, eh?

Thanks, the moderator.

Any place Bu Lai En recommends is good enough for me. I’ll be there soon as I can. The burgers look fantastic.

Lovely. I’m a huge fan of KGB’s. The patties are damn nice and as filling as - in fact, every time I’ve eaten lunch there, I’ve not needed dinner until 9 pm ish. I’ve been back there three times since the boys opened and will be back again, as soon as tomorrow lunch. My dish of choice, The Kiwi Burger with chips washed down with a VB while sitting out there on the porch with a few mates.

Keep it up fellas. I’m a huge fan and the missus and eldest daughter are too.

Cheers mate, the VB is chilling as I type.

what about paua fritters? thats what i rilly miss mate.

mate, us too.
But we have cunning plans for potato fritters and pineapple fritters. No fush and chups yet but a fush burger is in the works.

We’re working on briging over L & P and toffee pops but it’s proving trickier than we hoped.
Cheers mate

Hey Antony. Food for though. Potato Cakes. Mmmmmmm. Think about it. Haven’t eaten them for a while.