Kindy in TW


Which year did it become illegal to teach kindy kids English?






The 幼兒園教保服務實施準則, which specifically bans foreign language lessons (regardless of who teaches them), was passed in 2012. That doesn’t mean there was no ban before that, but it seems to the clearest one still in effect.

The Employment Service Act was passed in 1992. The current version of Art. 43 of the ESA is what forbids working without permission (while foreign), though it was amended in 2000; I’m not sure how it was worded before that.

There’s also the question of when the CLA (predecessor of the MOL) banned subcontracting non-buxiban teaching positions to buxibans. I can look that up later if you want.

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According to this report in 2008, it seems MoE decided and announced to ban English in kinder in a step-by-step manner in 2005.

由幼兒美語的迷思及政策演進省思我國幼兒美語應走的方向 - 輔英科技大學



I’ve had people try to tell me that their schools is allowed to teach Kindy aged kids because it’s not registered as a Kindy, and they also teach older kids. Is this true?



Unregistered de facto kinder is illegal. If it is not a kinder and local gov doesn’t ban to teach English to under 6, it is ok.


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