King Charles III Coronation

Police are arresting possible protesters on suspicion of possibly breaching the peace.

That’s democracy?

Taxpayers are paying for this ridiculous charade. A visibly inbred king.


Aren’t they all inbred?


The monarchy doesn’t pay for their party out of their own coffers?

No, plus they get millions in taxpayer money to quite an extended family. Charles has said he will shrink things down.

Watching BBC in the background, Charles doing todaloo waving from a carriage, no sign of protesters if they are there.

Really annoying for businesses as we have 3 bank holidays on mondays this month. One for the coronation. It’s basically 3 days we don’t get to do businesses there’s going to be delays in anything shipping to the London area.

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All the possible protesters were pre-arrested.


It’s like a poorly acted play in church on a Saturday.

A German related by blood who couldn’t speak English, George 2 was installed as king of England rather than an Englishman.

UK’s grip on the American colonies began then. When American colonists complained, George 2 acted like a German, he wouldn’t even listen

The fraternity of the rich or royal is thicker than nationality

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Let’s see if that happens.

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New legislation passed this week made it illegal to prepare to lock-on to things like street furniture.

He is wearing a belt, he’s going to tie himself to a bench. Arrest him.


It’s been explained to me that the British royal family is a profitable tourist attraction so that’s good enough for me.


My grandmother says she will not follow him, he’s a bad person, it’s his fault that Princess Diana died because he was cheating on her with Camilla.

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He’s younger than Joe Biden? Are we sure?

You think Biden looks and acts younger?

Considering Biden is nearly a decade older than Charles, yes.

Also, did they outlaw smiling today? I can see this being a serious day, but no joy at all?


Wherever he’s going, she won’t have trouble keeping up. King Plod the IV.

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What’s there to be excited about? It’s all pomp and circumcision.



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I enjoyed the ceremony.

Cinematography sucked outside. They cut off legs, they cut off the wagon wheels and when they view the procession it’s always from behind instead of having a good perspective it’s just terrible.

It’s like some amateur director.