Lack of delayed green

I have a traffic question. It’s hard to explain but here goes.

I’m turning left in a car so I creep into the intersection waiting to turn. In a normal situation when it’s busy, I’d wait until the yellow light them make my turn. There are no left turn only lights in this case

What happens to me is while I’m waiting in the intersection, my light goes yellow then red meanwhile the traffic in the other direction continues their green.
This leaves me no time to turn. In this case I have to turn on a red.

In Canada they have advanced and delayed greens to deal with this.

Curious what others do.

I just accept the fact that I’m going to die one of these days cuz traffic laws may or may not exist but are quite literally never enforced in this country. Every man for himself?


Looks like a flawed traffic light design. I see plenty of bad choices when it come to traffic regulation in Taiwan.

Near me is a road that has an intersection with two other roads. They made basically a roundabout but put like 7!!! traffic lights instead of just let everyone yield. Most of the cars just stand there waiting for a green light. And you know Taiwanese… many just go through the red light.


That seems normal here. Left turns are extremely hard here and you have a long line of cars waiting to make a left turn, and you have a window of maybe 5 seconds to make that turn because there are no left turn signals or delay greens. So the result is maybe 1 or 2 cars can left turn at a time, resulting a very long line of left turn cars that can stretch several blocks.

This is why I sometimes see cab drivers making left turns like a scooter or illegal U turns.

The light is orange. Why do people call it yellow?

Maybe you can bring this up with someone. Suggest there should be arrows, delayed green and traffic enforcement as there is in any other sensible country. Japanese drivers are model citizens of polite driving, so you won’t come off as racist. Tell them about the buses in Canada that say “sorry” when they’re not taking passengers while you’re at it.

Some countries use yellow, some use orange.

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yea and you should start with talking with your lizhang and then work your way up to LY members.

And said member will get arrested after numerous fist fights with opposition members, then laws are passed and not really enforced.

Traffic is simply not given the same priority as say keeping COVID-19 under control… (turn off your phone during quarantine even for a moment and the police shows up).

But Taiwan is orange isn’t it?

Official english driving license test resources say yellow
:red_circle: :yellow_circle: :green_circle:


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But the light is orange. Help!

Are you sure left turns are allowed there?
I’ve seen this before, but we couldn’t turn left there.

It’s basically the color of my pee after a bender…

I’m sure. This same thing happens at a few intersections. And cars are backed up to turn everyday. One or two run the red dangerously every light

Yes, I could. But I’m posting here because I’ve seen it a few times in taichung and now I’m seeing it in hsinchu

But in this case, no cars can safely turn left. You have people waiting to turn left, who’s light turns red. While that is happening the cars going straight in the opposite direction just continue without a gap at all since they have a green.


yea pretty much everyone who turns left is more or less forcing their way through and hope the other car slows down enough to avoid a crash.

Pretty much all of Taiwan is “left turn yield on green”…


Except the traffic volume is high enough they really need turn signals, but that’s rarely seen here in Taiwan.


I guess the solution is don’t turn left in Taiwan. :laughing:


This sounds like a job for @Marco! : D


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like I said, lots of cabbies would do a scooter left turn. Turn right at an intersection, cut across 3 lanes and make an illegal U turn…

They should make an option in Google maps to include the fewest right turns.

For now I will try your advice and go through the intersection, make a U turn, then I can easily turn right.

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