Learn Business Chinese Online

:mega::mega:Learn Business Chinese Online during Critical Time

More and more countries are shutting down everything to try to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Now it’s the best time to improve yourself.
Follow an experienced teacher to learn Business Chinese.

:sparkles:Course Date
Start on 2020/April/7
April. 7th – April. 21st
16:00-18:00 (Taiwan time) every Tuesday and Thursday.

3000NT(100USD) for 10 hours

Topic: Social Mandarin
How to describe your work in Mandarin?
Topic: Hotel Mandarin
How to take client out to eat in Mandarin?
Topic: Transportation Mandarin
How to take a taxi to reach the destination in Mandarin?
Topic: Business Mandarin
How to plan a travel itinerary in Mandarin?
Topic: Review

For HSK3 learner!
PM us to register.

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