Leaving Neverland


Somehow I stomached all four hours of this. It was…a journey.

Has anyone else watched it? Thoughts? Feelings? Opinions? Hopes? Dreams?


Watched it last night. It’s weird because it starts off so sweet.

And then suddenly it gets very very real and it’s like watching a car crash in slow motion and you feel sick in your stomach.

And you keep reminding yourself these boys were seven and nine.

There’s a whole lot of people need to back down on their support of Jackson. Questlove for starters.


Yeah. Chilling stuff.

The only thing I find weird about it is the timing. Why did they decide to make this even though he’s long gone and can’t suffer consequences? The documentary series exposing R. Kelly has rightfully more or less ruined him. But MJ is dead, dead, dead. What can be done now but to have the living disavow him?


Doesn’t matter if he’s dead. The truth needs to be told and lessons learnt. Wacko’s legacy should be totally wiped out.

Dammit tho’ some of those early Jackson 5 tracks and Off the Wall…I can’t bring myself to delete them.


I haven’t seen it, but I thought the two victims have only recently gone public about the abuse? So, it wouldn’t have been possible to have made the documentary while MJ wad alive.


One of them said he only openly admitted to himself what had occurred six years ago.


Yeah, they only recently got around to actually processing their childhood trauma. It’s just surprising to me that they’d choose to record hours of interview footage in lieu of writing an article or whatever. I guess they must have noticed that documentaries are THE way to get the public’s attention on abusers nowadays.

I’d like to see something about Woody Allen and Mia Farrow. There is definitely something rotten about them. Maybe the stress of being exposed will put them in the dirt.

I still can’t delete some of my favorite songs by him, either… :confused:


According to psychologists that’s very common among victims of abuse.


MJ’s verdict was “not guilty on all charges”.
Wade and Safechuck testified under oath that MJ never touched them, then once MJ was dead and the statute of limitations period for perjury was over, they suddenly remembered that they were sexually abused for years.

They’re just trying to milk some $$$, and anyone involved in the documentary is doing the same.


I’ve actually heard about half the people I talk to about it share similar opinions, and I can almost kind of see where they’re coming from. Both men are basically nobodies now; I think Robson’s career died with the pop era during which he was most active, and I don’t even know what the other guy did.

But ehhhh… Abuse charges are a sensitive matter. Did you watch the documentary, btw?


They weren’t paid for the doco and they have no claim against the MJ estate so…


I think we can all agree that MJ did not behave normally. A grown man just has no business hanging out with little kids (who aren’t his own children) in close proximity like that. Something’s not right.


I had the freak down as a nonse since the early 90s. I don’t need to watch a documentary to confirm what was blindingly obvious.


Yeah, and it’s a pretty harrowing viewing. Not at all fun to sit through.


Katt Williams called it early too: NSFW :nsfw:


i never thought he was a pedo, but i’m leaning heavily to him being one now. its hard to believe he wasn’t when you look at it in detail. who sleeps with others kids like that…

  • he had kids sleep in his bed with him. and he had to convince them to do it, there is video of a kid saying he didn’t want to but MJ convinced him to because of ‘love’
  • those kids were never girls. they were always boys
  • there is footage of latoya jackson from the early nineties spilling the beans. she doesn’t sound like she is lying. she changed her tune later on after being back in the good graces of the family…back on the payroll. we have seen how money is a factor in protecting these high level pedos, such as with jimmy saville.


On YT you can find tons of videos by people who debunk the claims of safechuck and wade, some of which also have time/space issues that contradict each other.
“They didn’t get paid for the documentary” oh cool, and what about the rest? Do they ever get money for their interviews? For their tv appearances?

This isn’t very different from the Kavanaugh show. “Innocent until proven guilty” in MJ’s case became “guilty even if proven innocent”, it’s a farce and people are still trying to milk it for $$$.


have you looked into what went down in the case? its very far from being cut and dry.


How is it a farce? The guy was clearly a pedophile even if at least in the more innocent sense of the word. He slept with very young children regularly. Care to explain what that was about?


I don’t know what was going on there, and I’m pretty sure neither do you.
I think that if someone goes under process and is not guilty on all charges, I’ll believe that.

A couple of dudes who first swore under oath “he never touched me” and then after years (with no risk of perjury) suddenly realizeed:“Oh wait he molested me for years, let’s sue his estate for 1.5b and then make a documentary about it” are the last people whose opinion i’d consider legitimate.