Lefttube / Breadtube General Thread

Hasan is a streamer, not really lefttube, but ya know, this might be interesting to some.

There was an interesting take in here which I wasn’t aware of in some conservative christian ideology. Apparently homosexuals will be accepted into heaven so long as they accept big J, however they will no longer be gay in heaven, essentially “fixed” of their mortal ailment much in the way the devout drunkard will no longer be an alcoholic once he crosses the threshold of heaven.

what is a director’s cut really?

Thank God we have Putin infiltrating from the other side.

Don’t really get into videos because I can get information much faster by reading than by some person droning on. That said, some ideas are better when presented through visuals.

Yeah, that’s okay too. The playback speed can be increased but also some of these people are outright great comedy writers and video editors and I really enjoy their craft. And they cite their sources if you want to skip the video and just take a look at those, usually in the description :+1:

on the colonization of online spaces.

i’m not on twitter and never will be

uh… ?