Legislator Karen Yu on the importance of welcoming foreign talent


Insightful article on the importance of internationalization efforts written by Legislator Karen Yu, one of the prime drivers behind the Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals.


There are long lines of Taiwanese at AIT getting their American passports while it’s nearly impossible for this American to get Taiwanese citizenship.


That’s because Asian governments never consider the fact that while their peoples are desperately trying to get to the promised land, to the land of opportunity where the streets are paved with gold, some western folks actually want to come in the opposite direction. And so they oftentimes do not have the mechanisms or the mindsets in place to make this happen.


i.e. they don’t give a shit


They don’t know ?
I think they know and they don’t care and don’t want to dilute the ’ bloodlines’ too much.

They sure make it a lot easier for HK and Macau folks to get it.

As somebody who been through the nationalisation process here it’s goddamn awful with random obstacles thrown in just to make your life a misery even AFTER you are approved as a national !


Yes, every time legislation is introduced some old dickhead makes a speech about ensuring the purity of the Han race.


Agree with you @the_bear . I’m frequently asked when I am going home. When I say I don’t have any plans to leave, they ask why. I bet most people no matter where they live don’t see themselves moving outside of their own country and can’t understand why. The difference is that Taiwan needs more friends and connections to the outside world. Just because I am standing here doesn’t mean that I’m not still very connected with my country and people in other countries. Us furriners are kinda creepy @Brianjones. (just kidding sortof and you are right about the random obstacles)




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Read between the lines, look beyond the astroturf. Its not an antiquated system or old politicians, it’s the big corporations influence on politicians and government. They don’t want to pay foreign talent and indirectly raise the salaries and expense for the companies. Corporations in Taiwan have a glut of highly educated, low-salaried resource in Taiwan. No way they want to change that. Opening up the gates to foreign talent will raise expenses for all of them.

Foreign talent? Ok, let some artists in.

Foreign talents access is stifled for one very direct, but not visible reason. To keep company expenses down.


Sorry man, this is lopsided economic reasoning.

When labor supply goes up, the price (wage) goes down.

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Yes but need to expand on that. When foreign talent comes in and their salaries are three or four five times more than the local salary, that force is local salaries start going up.

So far in Taiwan that hasn’t happened much. Foreigners and locals are paid differently. But if you have a huge influx of foreign talent that demand higher salaries, it will be more evident in and apparent and they can’t get away with such disparities.


Show me evidence an influx of foreign workers makes local salaries go up. It can be from anywhere, not just Taiwan.


Okay let’s say Singapore. Would salaries in Singapore will be as high as they are without the influx of foreign talent? No.

How about Dubai?

How about Malaysia Kuala Lumpur? What if there is no foreign talent there. Salaries be as high as they are now? No.

Could even go down to the micro-level to cities or even corporations.

Taiwan Business Leaders are very Adept they see it happening and they are avoiding it because they see what’s happening other place is it Asia.

It’s a very good move on the chess table.


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Well the obvious example is Hong Kong. These days the big financial institutions hire locals for 100K USD/year straight out of local college. No way this would have happened without foreign banks/foreigners.

Edit: Shanghai is another example. That place was miles ahead of any other city in China thanks to foreigners.


Skilled foreigners will benefit locals, no doubt. Hong Kong and Singapore have massive amounts or business going through them.

But you guys have the causal arrow pointed in the wrong direction.

Consumer demand in Taiwan is dead. You think Taiwanese businessmen wouldn’t hire foreigners, for all the value added they bring, if they could afford it?


Do we really need to answer this? Every Taiwan company I’ve ever known has tried to cut costs by hiring returning Taiwanese over foreigners. I’ve done literally hundreds of reworks on English language documents where I’ve asked who wrote this? And the inevitable answer is Chen Hui-mei, the Chairman’s niece, she has ever studied English in such and such university in Bumfucksville USA.