Lemon Juice

Why is it I can find a bottle of dish soap made with real lemon but I can’t find a bottle of real lemon juice?


Yes I know I can make my own lemon juice super cheap but sometimes I just want to have something handy in the refrigerator and freshly squeezed only lasts a few days.

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Carrefour sells them.

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@tango42 added pics. Made in Taiwan.

I live by my Red Rose Orange Pekoe and Lemon.


I do buy it here. Maybe baking stores, or organic stores?

I’ve been checking Carrefour and other local supermarkets for months. And I check all the different sections of the stores. I must be missing something.

Maybe a bartending supply store.

It’s near the imports section. You have the picture now and the links so at this point, best is to show the employee. If they don’t have it, they must get it in for you.


I used to see them at carrefour, but at the hypermarkets, not the neighborhood stores. Baking supply shops will have them too.

I don’t know if they’re real lemon juice but they taste like it.

They have Jef lemon in sometimes, have a look near the vinegar in the drink section,
also they have frozen lemon juice in plastic bottles in the freezers near the ice.

Failing that there is always uncle lemon.

Holy smoke that is a huge bottle of lemon juice. How many lemon teas does that make you?

I think I’m about halfway. I drop in about a tablespoon. Bought it about a couple months ago. Usually make about one tea a day.

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They’re concentrated lemon juice. One bottle will last a very long time.

I think he’s aware of that. That’s why expressing surprise at the unexpectedly large size.

There’s a bake shop near furen university mrt station that sells smaller bottle

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PX Mart sells them

Tianho and other organic stores do carry lemon juice.

There are also the frozen cubes of juice in select Family Mart. I think PX Mart also has those.

Lemons are pretty handy

Yea especially if life gives you lemons…

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Which ho?

Would you consider a gofundme for streaming yourself rapidly consuming a whole bottle?

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I couldn’t do a litre of anything.

Found the Lemon Dew at Carrefour.

Not impressed with the ingredients.

Ingredients: Water, Citric Acid, Sugar, Lemon, DL-Malic Acid, spices (including natural lemon extract), refined salt, Glycine, Potassium Hexadienate (Preservative),