Lesbian Hang-outs in Taipei?


hey! i’m fairly new here as well and am not too sure of places to hang out. i wouldn’t consider myself a t or p either. i had a thought - does anyone on here fancy meeting up? we could get a bit of a group going maybe. it would be great to know some other like-minded people :slight_smile:


It helps because it reveals that you’ll find it difficult to hook up. Just ask Battery 9. There is a VERY strict hierarchy in the lesbian community. Ts go with Ps. Exclusively. If you’re a P, you’ll be considered a godless deviant if you go for other Ps. Simply NOT done at all.[/quote]

Or you could try being a radical trend setter, change the face of lesbian love in Taiwan, in a blaze of purple glory![/quote]

And sleep alone!![/quote]

Oh my gosh, my girlfriend and I are both sort of androgynous. We both have short hair and don’t dress girly. Is that like a big no-no?


hi girls,

Check out this lesbian bar in Taipei, recently opened.
M Cubic, 12F, No. 138, Sec 4, Ba de Rd., Songshan District, Taipei, Taiwan


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Taboo night club (allows guys, but only when accompanied by at least 2 girls): https://goo.gl/maps/ZxEDFfmeuLU2

Wonder bar: https://goo.gl/maps/uHrkk4fgr6H2


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