Let’s Talk About Bloomberg

Just what US national level politics needs…more New York mayors!

Bloody liberals. First they build cities with jobs and public transportation and then they’ll make us eat vegetables!

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Is Rudy a liberal? Bloomberg was an independent iirc, and the most liberal part of him seemed to be his love of authoritarianism. But I’m not sure how much progressive juice he’s ingested in recent years. Chairman Deblasio is certainly a liberal (in the US political sense), and he’s done wonders with NYC.

Oh come on the oniy authoritarian laws Bloomberg made were great for NY: he made cigarettes unaffordable and banned super size sodas. And you couldnt smoke in bars.

All good ideas

I think the fact that Bloomberg is testing the waters at this stage is an indication that the Democrat bigwigs are worried that the current crop of candidates is weak. I think they’re right.

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then Warren better tighten up her war party. not doing enough rain dances

Wait, I thought Uncle Joe was the frontrunner…or did he fall off the stage and break a hip?

I think this is due to him listening to aides and yes-men who are playing on his vanity to funnel some of his money into their pockets.

That and the guy literally has a television network behind him.