Let's list all the places that won't accept ARC

Yep interestingly I found that Korea did exactly the same as Taiwan, only giving covid subsidy to spouses of Korean citizens. Who copied who do you reckon ?One county governnent however was more generous in Korea and stated that everybody should get the subsidy no mater citizen or foreigner. Which I thought was pretty cool !

The city of Ansan, where more than 11 percent of its population are foreign residents, is the only municipality giving out cash payouts to foreigners, regardless of whether they are married to Korean nationals. It offers 100,000 won to Koreans and 70,000 won to foreign nationals.

Foreign residents will receive 70 percent of what Koreans get in cash payouts, given that the central government grants to local authorities equal 70 percent of what is allocated for Korean residents, he added. About 80,000 foreign residents in the city are to receive the funds.

Foreigners are also paying taxes and they are contributing a lot to the city, so we are offering the funds to them,” an official from the city said.

These are just cultural decisions and not related to logic at the end of the day.

Japan distributed to non citizens with arc.

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That’s ridiculous.

That’s terrible :frowning: In the past, I have had no success with enacting changes in this matter at CHT. PCHome also has the same problem with domain name registration - and their solution was to ask for copies of a passport via fax :frowning:

If you want an alternative provider for Taiwanese domain names, itn.tw is happy to accept ARC.

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Thanks for your suggestion, I will see how to transfer the name to there.

Received a parking fine recently, apparently a disgruntled neighbor has taken to photographing and reporting illegally parked cars. Don’t have an issue with that, I was illegally parked however the offense took place on September 10th and I received the fine in the post today, therefore there are potentially another 30 or so on the way…The police created an SMS notification system to avoid this type of repeated fines building up before post has been received, it’s here, https://trafficsms.ntpd.gov.tw/NewTaipeiSMSWeb/index.aspx , it’s nice, but it doesn’t accept ARC numbers. Your ARC number is perfectly acceptable when issuing a fine and is nicely printed on the postal notice, just not acceptable to sign up to the notification system…

Complained previously to both immigration and the police department, they insisted twice that an ARC number could be used, I had to take a screen shot of the rejection on the webpage before they admitted it could be not, got a “sorry”. Have complained again.


This website is a great example of why the new ARC numbers will not have any difference to the inability for foreign residents to use websites. The underlying code checks the following:

  • ID number is 10 characters long

  • First digit is A-Z

  • second digit is 1 or 2

  • checksum is valid

      function ValidPid(sender, args) {
          var ChkID = $('#CPH_Content_txtPid').val().toUpperCase();
          if (ChkID.length == 8) {
              if (ChkID.search(/^[0-9]{8}$/) == -1) {
                  args.IsValid = false;
              } else {
                  args.IsValid = true;
          else if (ChkID.length == 10) {
              var city = new Array(
                      1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, 39, 73, 82, 2, 11,
                      20, 48, 29, 38, 47, 56, 65, 74, 83, 21, 3, 12, 30)
              if (ChkID.search(/^[A-Z](1|2)\d{8}$/i) == -1) {
                  args.IsValid = false;
              } else {
                  ChkID = ChkID.split('');//字串分割為陣列(for IE)
                  var total = city[ChkID[0].charCodeAt(0) - 65];
                  for (var intT = 1; intT <= 8; intT++) {
                      total += eval(ChkID[intT]) * (9 - intT);
                  total += eval(ChkID[9]); //最後一碼(檢查碼)
                  args.IsValid = (total % 10 == 0); //檢查比對
          else {
              args.IsValid = false;

95% of ID validations are like this…

@audreyt Can there be an official implementation of the ID check which will validate old and new ID number formats (including ARC ID’s!) in various programming languages as open source project?
Then force all government institutions to use that!
This is a good time since they have to change to new format anyway.

I think only she can help us deal with this properly.


I’ve seen a version of the regex that would work with the new ARC numbers. Is there a national standard library to be used?

var format = new Regex(@"^[A-Z]\d{9}$");

Source: https://frank198978104.github.io/2017/09/22/idcard-and-tax-id-number-rules-for-taiwan/

This does not verify the validity. It does not do the most important part of checking the last check digit, which is a weighted sum of previous numbers (the letters are converted to a number for the weighted sum)

It’s not quite an ARC, but the HSR won’t accept my name.

Shitty English too.

And they want a passport. So safe!

Hey @audreyt, @au, this would be really nice to use my ARC for instead of me taking a trip to Kaohsiung with a passport in my pocket and risk losing it. I would genuinely appreciate this help as well.


Doesn’t your ARC have your passport number on it? Couldn’t you just take that instead if anyone needs proof that the ticket belongs to you? Obviously they need to just accept ARCs on the booking page though.

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The last thing I want is to show up, an hour away from home and then saying you can’t board cause you didn’t bring the magical red book from distant off fairyland.


Assuming that every English speaker is a tourist so he/she will be travelling with a passport, wanna bet? Pretty sure this is not what the Chinese version says, hence the staff will be as clueless as you are and ask for your ARC :rofl: :rofl:

Is that a new thing?

But, you see, your passport is an official gov’t document and the APRC…hold on, back soon.


Isn’t there some rule that requires foreigners to carry their passport with them at all times…or am I hallucinating that?

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even if you have aprc/arc? that seems pointless.

To be honest, I may be confusing Taiwan with Thailand. :slightly_smiling_face:

Never thought I’d inform you on anything but it’s just official ID that is required. An NHI card will do the job.

Do you have a regulation you can quote on that? Not that I doubt you, but I’d like to see it in writing. :slightly_smiling_face: