Let's list all the places that won't accept ARC

The point of all this is so we can bring this to the attention of people with influence (e.g. legislators or city councillors with known foreigner sympathies) and get little things changed. We pay taxes on ARCs… sometimes it’s just pure ignorance that prevents us from getting the benefits.

here goes:

  1. discounted fares for Taipei residents on the Maokong Gondola
  2. free admission to the National Palace Museum on Saturday nights
  3. claiming winning receipts at 7-11

Never tried at a 7-11, but I’ve claimed them at the post office.


Used to be able to claim at 7-11 (not cash, just for further purchases) but since switching to the new receipts 7-11 will redeem only with Taiwan ID. It’s actually just a programming matter with their cash registers, but again we ARC holders were forgotten about.

I think I got the discount by ARC.

Doing online shopping in Taiwan with an ARC is probably the main cause of climate change.


Here’s another: Can’t initiate a train ticket purchase at iBon without Taiwan ID. You can use ARC or passport when booking a train ticket online, then use the iBon to pick it up. But if you try to begin the process at an iBon, forget it.

Went to the National Palace Museum last Sunday. No discounts for APRC holders. I know there’s a thread about this very thing, but well, just to give an update: Taiwanese -> discount. Long time residents -> laughs.


7-11 cannot get the money?
When I win with the iCash card they put this amount directly on the iCash Card.


Not sure if this counts, but the HSR app (T-express https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tw.com.thsrc.texpress&hl=en) won’t let you pre-order tickets with an ARC number. (It only takes passport numbers and local ID)

Not a big issue, the app itself is pretty good and easy to use, but personally I do not have my passport number memorized.

I don’t have an iCash card so I didn’t know about this. Interesting. Does that mean the iCash card keeps a record of your receipts?

Yes, I believe so.

iCash is a form of Easy Card, but has special deals and points for 7-11. Sometimes there’s buy one and get the second half, for iCash card holders. I think you can also use the points to buy or get discounts on 7net.

I’m not sure what version and up is an a 2 in 1 iCash and Easy Card, I know when I used it for half a year or so, it couldn’t act as an Easy Card. I got fed up with having to add value to two cards, so I just stopped using my iCash and stuck with my Easy card.

IIRC, they used to be a 2 in 1 card. I have one of the old ones and they still work. Once the contract was up, apparently 7-11 decided not to continue the joint setup and started to make separate cards for their iCash. I believe this was a few years ago.

So what you’re saying is that it’s the opposite of what I said?

They’re now NOT 2 in 1, but they were before?


After all these years the Taiwan government issues an ID card for foreigners that no one accepts! :rofl:
Taiwan is basically a banana republic :banana:

So what you’re saying is that it’s the opposite of what I said?

They’re now NOT 2 in 1, but they were before?

That’s too bad. I don’t really feel like getting another card just to be able to redeem any winning receipts at 7-11. I’ll continue to take them to the post office.

Can’t use most electronic banking.

If you need to report stolen credit card, you cannot use the automatic setting since when it asks ID, ARC number is read as non valid/incorrect.

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Deffo got that.

Passport no. is on yr ARC.

All your data is on your ARC, visible for anyone to misuse.