What topics or type of topics here do you enjoy the most?

Trying to guess which threads are genuine and which are fake is fun. Sometimes the really weird and stupid ones that scream fake are actually for real.


I actually got upset reading a few of your responses in the last months. I was going to reply you but I was temporarily banned from the site and I guess that at some point I lost motivation. But I’m surprise how judgmental you can be.


Indeed! TBH sometimes I don’t know anymore.

I will not deny that I can be very judgmental. However, this trait has only ever served me well in my life, so there’s little chance of it ever changing.

As a neophyte, i take more time reading /liking
*fun and games
*dating and relationship (stories, side comments)
*arts and entertainment
*working in Taiwan topics


I like topics where people come together to solve issues to make life in Taiwan more relaxed and enjoyable.

There are still a few problems that are pending

Helpful threads

Credits for @tando @fifieldt @Marco and others who are providing essential support for such issues


Although I hate the situation itself, I am enjoying the coronavirus threads. They have been an invaluable source of information.


I don’t think there are enough posts on stans.

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Serious question: which stans?

You don’t mean Afghan, Uzbek, Tajik, Turkmen, Pak, and Kirgiz? Do you? You should check out forumosastan.com for them :wink:
EDIT: oh, you ARE talking about THOSE stans


Cultural shock <=probably my favorite
Funny/cute pictures


I kinda enjoy relationship boy/girl topics
And news topics / current events

And other Taiwan /Asia related topics other than politics

Oh yeah current movies are good

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I enjoy anything not Trump related. Those threads always become intolerable faster than I can roll my eyes.

Favourites are when someone asks a random niche question and people give them in-depth professional grade solutions. Still can’t believe the breadth of jobs/hobbies on this forum.


Dating and relationships, sometimes you just can’t help but look at a car crash. The genuine threads with cultural questions and what not are interesting though.

Basically posts about anything going on in Taiwan besides Taipei.

Wack things in Taiwan is my personal favorite though.


I also like dating and relationships. I think I give some good advice but no one listens to advice there imo. Occasionally yes, 90% of time no.


Nobody listens to relationship advice. I don’t know why people start topics in D & R when all they want to hear is confirmation of their own beliefs/desired course of action.

They might as well have a few beers with mates who are going to tell them what they want to hear.


People need to release some steam. And people also want to hear other points of view.

Or maybe some people know when their friends are tired of hearing their shit.

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I look for topics about teaching.

Since this site doesn’t allow porn, my favorite topics would have to be anything NOT political. Reading local expats’ thoughts on US politics is so crushingly boring. Ditto for endlessly rehashing invasion scenarios or the possibility of independence.

I also dislike threads that have been resurrected from years ago. That conversation is over. Let’s start a new one. Most of the comments in a thread that old aren’t so valid anyway.

I like weird stuff, hopefully discussed in the most unmoderated manner possible.


Why do you have a nipple next to you? I want one.

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I tried to group together what has been mentioned so far in this map