Warning! If you're an EU national, TW banks may cancel or refuse to renew your Credit Card! The 2020 Banking Discrimination Saga

Hi. I seem to be in an impending pickle as some supposed recent EU laws have caused Union Bank to choose to discontinue the renewal of my credit card.

Is there someone similar to the NCC for the financial sector to take complaints?



or walk into Central Bank HQ on west side of Roosevelt Rd, south of Taipei Main Library


Thanks. There will be no discrimination on my watch


Update. I was and remain (Insert choice of words here) livid.

Union Bank called. Said they won’t renew the credit card because of GDPR rules. I asked for compensation, no dice. Will be heading to the Financial Securities Commission on Tuesday.

This is a THREE YEAR OLD law and they waited until now before complying? I’ve been a customer for three years! All I received was a vague statement suggesting that I won’t be able to get a credit card until they update their compliance. Whenever that happens. Marco’s Discrimination Saga II begins!

Before you start snickering about the EU and alleged overregulation, remember that US Americans also face a lot of restrictions in the world of finance as well because of the US government. This isn’t a regulations problem, this a laziness problem on the part of the bank.



I wonder if anyone has told these folks that one of the top policies of the current government is to establish GDPR ‘adequacy’ :wink: In essence, Taiwan is getting a GDPR law soon. If FSC doesn’t respond well, you may consider reaching out to NDC. As the implementation agency, they may be interested to receive feedback that businesses are withholding service due to the law.


I certainly appreciate this!

I requested a written statement yesterday of the facts. Was told to come in today to pick it up.

Written statement refused. They know Marco’s angry.

I told the guy on the phone today, ‘Do you want to end up like Asia Pacific Telecom?’


What is GDPR? It sounds like East Germany…


The General Data Protection Regulation

So, if the bank uses this as an excuse they are full of shit!

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No. It stipulates regulations on how companies can and cannot use your private data.
Certain things include new human rights including the right to be forgotten. The GDPR gives average people the right to tell companies how they want their data handled. Greater control and greater freedoms for average citizens.

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So basically the American law invades privacy because it requires banks to report on your financial activity and the EU laws is opposite?

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Pretty much.

I’m not exactly sure how it pertains to finance. But I guess since these are…‘international’ (in the loosest sense of the word, that the EU requires that companies with EU nationals as customers force compliance on protection of their privacy.

I did have to rewrite the privacy policy of one tech company for them when the rules went into effect. Adding things like their rights to their data, if data is being sold, etc… It just forces companies to be transparent about what they do with your data. Of course the anti-regulationers lose their mind but after reading it, I’m largely supportive of the law in itself. After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, companies are playing 2 fast 2 loose with our privacy.

But it makes no sense if your bank doesn’t want to renew your cc.

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When do Taiwanese banks ever make sense?

They have an EU national, they freaked out and started dumping any EU nationals on the system.

There’s some info on finance and GDPR here.

This sounds like something that they (Taiwan) could reasonably tell the EU to go F themselves. They have no stance on the dirt here. But then i guess the issue is the EU might play china style and punich the bank back there for lack of compliance?

I get it sucks for the customers fight hard. But taiwan should either say no to EU or say ok to EU. Not the customers problem…but sounds wierd as all hell both ways.

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It’s not the Taiwanese government’s responsibility. If you want to expand and be international and have EU customers. You need to follow the relevant laws, or you get fined. The company can surely either not do business in the EU and tell the EU to stuff it and they’d never have to pay any fines, but if they’re worried about a non-citizen resident small potato from the EU in Taiwan, it’s probably because they operate or own businesses that operate in the EU or even are participating in EU financial/stock markets and don’t wanna get fined. You don’t have to do business in the EU and then therefore you don’t have to pay attention to EU Law. If they’re concerned, then they need to get their shit together. Lazy company.

It’s the same thing with foreigners running away and defaulting on their loans, if you don’t care about going back to Taiwan, then there’s nothing anyone can do to stop you. (Please don’t do that though. Not condoning) If you have a stake in Taiwan, then you might think twice about defaulting on your loans. It’s obvious they have some undisclosed stake in the EU.

This has nothing to do with the Taiwanese government. Taiwan can certainly say FU to the EU and the US, and then there’s China, but who will trade then?

Countries make laws that extend outside their borders.

Can’t shit on China.
Can’t have private banking details if you’re American and gotta pay income tax on worldwide income. You’ll also get banned from the US if you have previously smoked weed at anytime any place, anywhere in the world.
Can’t have your data breached if you’re EU.
Can’t be a Communist Party of China member if you’re Taiwanese.

It shouldn’t be my problem. They screwed up. This isn’t the Taiwanese/Tsai Government’s fault…But… like every time some idiot completely fucks up, I’m left holding the shit without compensation. The company had three years and they sat on their asses until something came knocking and the first thing they did was throw me under the bus. It’s the company’s fault. It’s the Laoban’s fault. That’s Taiwanese companies. Time to fight back and hold these companies and laobans accountable. Jiayou!


I had to fill out an extra form recently for having an EU passport. Missues banks cards got cancelled last year. Used to be that PRC citizens could have bank cards but apparently not anymore.

Doesn’t super bother us, but its not like the best trend either

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Keep us posted Marco.

I hope this works out for you!


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They didn’t have the P.

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Your issue is in Taiwan right, not the EU? I fail to see how the EU has authority in Taiwan banking over people not living in the EU. I can see why Taiwan banks might bow to them as they do business there, but in a perfect world they probably shouldnt.

In theory you would think once foreigners have an arc, or at least aprc, should have simple services like credit card. I still dont (cant) have one…and i have banked here for many years, bought land, have business etc etc…all through the same bank…still no go.

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Right, but the law is written in a way to extend to EU Citizens rather than just people in the EU because of the very locationless nature of companies like Facebook and Twitter. Especially Facebook, the main perpetrators of the information mess we are in now. A consequence is that it becomes something of a worldwide thing for EU Citizens as a whole. The companies can’t have their cake and eat it too. They want benefits from the EU’s financial markets without following its laws.

Another thing is that when you sign up for services, they always want a passport. They wont take their own country’s ID cards.