Warning! If you're an EU national, TW banks may cancel or refuse to renew your Credit Card! The 2020 Banking Discrimination Saga

Would also like to make note of the fact that they are PATRIOT Act certified.

Call the fsc on them

Taichung bank tried non renewing me two years ago. Was told that they were planning to non renewa all foreigners and that I would need to apply like a new client and provide a guarantor or a deposit they would hold. (The current account had neither)

They wouldn’t budge So I told them I was calling the fsc to complain. I warned them 3 times and the lady just kept buhaoyisi ing me. So I followed through on my threat and got a call back the next day that I simply misunderstood them, they just wanted me to prove I was still in Taiwan lol.


I recorded the telephone call of me yelling at them and their sorry ‘explanation’

They’ve already seen my ARC.

Last year, when I went in to complain about them not renewing my CC because of ARC expiration, I simply showed it to them and they fixed it.


Classic Taiwan


Your issue is with Union Bank, isn’t it?
Coincidentally, my card is about to expire and I’ve received a letter to provide my updated ARC for renewing it.
Have you received such letter too? How were you informed that they won’t be renewing your card?


I’ll just say… union bank requires a new ARC every year to renew. Always thought that was weird because a scummy person could just rack it up before the ARC expired. Not very well thought through policy.
If you have an APRC they will issue a normal card

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Is this only for credit cards? What about debit cards?

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I had my Union Bank credit card since 2015 and it’s the first time they asked me the ARC to renew…

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Right. I didn’t receive such a letter. I got a text saying it would not be renewed. But you’re not EU, right?

Their excuse was to target me because I am EU.

The customer service centre confirmed they wouldn’t renew it.

No, I’m not from Europe.
But you can present yourself as non-EU too, no?

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Well. They already have my passport and ARC.

Plus to change all of my stuff, my work permit, my ARC, my details into Canadian…Then hoping they forget about the Italian, then maybe even restarting my time towards an APRC. Not worth it.

Going to fight! Fighting and throwing a tantrum is easier.


For some reason, No. They’re all too happy to keep my information and money to use it for investing and profit.

I smell bullshit. I HAVE consented to the storage of my personal information.

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That’s interesting… I got my card 6 years ago with a standard ARC and every year with them like clockwork I’d get a new arc copy required letter or we’ll cancel your card. In fact, the expiry date was always coinciding with my ARC expiry date.

Sounds like someone goofed when the card was issued in your case and now they ‘corrected’ the error

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Went back to the bank and told them they have one more chance before I take action.

They told me now the credit card isn’t being renewed because the computer ‘graded’ me ineligible. Then suggested maybe I wasn’t paying my bills.

I asked why they changed their story about 10x the same answer was I can only check my computer.

Now I have three stories. They changed their story three times. Bullshit.


They’re hoping one of their stories will finally get rid of this “pest.” I’m watching this with great interest.


I’m a bloody cockroach. Not even a nuclear weapon can stop me.


You are the hero we need…


But is he the one we deserve?


Any of those were in written form?

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No. Credit Card Centre refused to give out written statements.

All phone conversations were recorded.

I called them liars. Sue me Union Bank! I dare you! I will run to TVBS faster than you can say credit card!