Let's talk about Trump


But I think some news outlets would disagree with how, like, really smart he is.


Welcome to Team Trump!


Where in my statement could you construe I was portraying her as a “brainless bimbo” ?

Her irrelevance, has to do with I don’t give a fuck who Donald Trump was boning 15 years ago.

She could be PHD material and have invented a cure for cancer, I wouldn’t care if trump rogered her, seriously, where do you get I am passing judgment on her, for having a “relationship” with Trump a decade ago?


Nobody really cares about his sexual activities, including his peepee sessions.
The problem is where he sees the need to keep his behavior hidden by paying 130 000$.
This is a tell-tail sign of a puppet in the Office.


Umm, ok. Someone actually gives credence to the pee pee dossier. “cringe”

So much to unpack.

130k to Stormy Daniels. I don’t think paying someone to keep quiet is illegal and I see where this line will go so lets have it.

puppet, may I ask, he is Putin’s puppet?


He was not open about it, like in, we have an open marriage.
Or, oh yeah I screwed that one, was great sex/failure sex/funny sex what ever.

Therefor, he is a person who can be extorted.
Not the best quality for a President.


You are saying his sexual history predicates an ability to function as POTUS?

Ummm, I get that he has had sex with many people, including Stormy Daniels.

As far as I can see it was consensual. The same can’t be said for President Clinton and Juanita Broaddrick, or the woman he was accused of raping in the UK.


The Clinto defense again! But Clinton this and that.

They tried to impeach him, remember? The republicans tried to throw him out of office over it. I call this double standard!


I don’t get it. You either care, or don’t care. Which is it?


The great Forumosa furniture challenge: are you smart enough to read an Ikea instruction booklet?

Donnie’s the Mozart of construction – he built his first skyscraper at age 3!

Now run along and play with someone your own (brain) size.


I don’t care, but don’t want this President getting us all killed one day.

If the republicans weren’t such hypocrites, they’d never put him into the White-house. Remember Clinton?

The liberals are consistent on this, free sex, out of marriage relation ships, it’s all cool etc. What was considered normal back then, is now a crime. Some moral standards have changed to the better and many have gone worse.

However, the inconsistency the republican party displays is gross.
On one hand Christianity and Sunday Church, on the other hand the call for minimum sentencing and capital punishment.
Clinton impeach and Trump?


This is the only one I could see that would infer I was intimating she was a bimbo. But you would be wrong, I was suggesting his sex life is irrelevant.


Indeed, however, I do care. On both sides of the isle.


Which isle are you talking about? Taiwan?


I mean, my values haven’t changed, the parties have moved.

For example, I have always pushed for equality of opportunity, across every group, sex, religion, I want equality and in some cases parking spaces for women, a womens forum, or back in london a Thursday afternoon for women only swim, that’s all good. But the left has moved to equality of outcome, which by definition needs to dig into race, sex, and all the rest of it to achieve it’s outcome, I can’t agree with that, at all.


Preaching to the choir. I was referring to the typo. :grin:



In the end, we are all islanders. :desert_island: :sunglasses:




Ironically enough, Stormy disagrees with you.

In April 2010, Daniels finally declared herself a Republican candidate. Her decision was inspired by disclosures that the Republican National Committee (RNC) had paid expenses for fundraisers at a “lesbian bondage themed nightclub” in Los Angeles, stating that the revelations “finally tipped the scales”.[3] She explained that the RNC’s use of party funds for sex convinced her that Republicans represented her libertarian values best: Daniels said she has been a registered Democrat throughout her life, “But now I cannot help but recognize that over time my libertarian values regarding both money and sex and the legal use of one for the other is now best espoused by the Republican Party.”[26]


Yeah! I am very confused.
Sex is always the big argument in American politics.
What is the legal use of sex? Sorry, but she is a hooker. Hopefully, she’ll be replaced by sex robots soon.