Life after criminal offenses


Saw this news want made me think about criminal records in Taiwan. Does anyone have any idea how is the life of a convicted in the job market in Taiwan? This guy killed the girl for impulse. Sexual offender… did he clean the female dorm as well? How easy could he get a job in a university?
For a low crime country such as Taiwan, having a dirty police record one would think is a big deal.


This report has English abstract.

2013 National Survey on Job Re-entry and Employment
Needs for People with Criminal Records
法務部「更生人就業狀況調查」 成果報告書


The university and the contractor should be liable here, not that is much help to her parents now . Pure scum I hope they put him down .


“Among all criminal offenders 81% were employed” “Finally, people with criminal records, low education, aged over 45, disable, single/divorced, and served 3-5 years of prison sentence are particularly hard to find a job.”

Seeing the statistics of the survey, it is much easier than I thought to get a job as an offender.

The summary talking about 45yo who served 3-5yrs, to me, is not comparable. A 45yo today who has no low education and is out of the market is also particularly hard to find a job.

Most were employed in the private sector, low salaries. Maybe jobs that normal people don’t want to take? (mian tzi)

In the old country we would be very alert about ex offenders, but then again, in the old country we are prepared to be alert by anything. In Taiwan people are not much aware of their surroundings because of the better safety environment here, I sure am not as stiff as I am back home.



If the kids are not safe at school here then where are they? Especially after receiving the news the daughter was killed but someone who was already an outlier. I can’t imagine the pain for the parents.


No parent should have to burry their child. That must be the ultimate pain. I don’t want to even contemplate it.


Its low crime if you believe the stats here which go by recorded crime. For example rape is well under recorded here due to cultural stigma. A lot of it depends where you live in Taipei, for example it wouldn’t be safe for any woman to walk around the back alleys of Wenhua at 2AM. However compared to somewhere like Brazil its safer for sure but don’t get to complacent as bad things can happen here. This island was just a few years ago one of the worst offenders for child sexual slavery. The Taiwan is so safe mantra is kind of like the Taiwan is so friendly mantra, it is getting cliche.


Of all the allys in the world for a women to walk around at 2am alone, wenhua seems pretty safe to me. Lots of people around, dont seem too bad.


A lot of kids have died from neglect or directly at hand of parents and social services.


Funnily enough it’s more dodgy for a man. The area around Lungshan temple is teeming with “working ladies”.


I don’t have a good answer or solution. But wouldn’t not hiring ex cons be worse? How else would these people get back into society and contribute, surely the solution isn’t keeping them institutionalized on tax money. The chances of them committing more crime and going back to prison seems much higher if they can’t get a job and have a life. I know some places have high homeless numbers because they allow renters to do criminal check and won’t rent to anyone with a record.


They can be pretty aggressive as well.


That’s news to me. Definitely gonna look into it.

Overall I still think taiwan is pretty safe, almost the same as when I arrived here many many years ago. Every time I go back home or even tour some of the gray areas in Germany etc I still think Taiwan is better.

But of course comparing taiwan with back home is unfair. Taiwan is small , I think easier to control, find criminals etc. Maybe not as safe as I think, but when you are used to much worse regarding public safety here is heaven.


It was so bad my ex British boss, when I mentioned Taiwan to him, said he visited in the 80s.

He said he saw girls in cages there and the monkey biting the snakes heads.


What is the child death rate while under social services here? That’s something I never heard about here. I saw the news of many neglect by parents causing their kids death nonetheless.


I don’t know the exact rate but there seek to be a lot of holes in the management of neglected children, often the children of drug abusers or convicts.

There is another phenomenon of murder suicide but they don’t report it much in the English papers I think.

You know what’s tough though are the very long hours some kids spend in daycare and at school. It’s not criminal but it is very sad. One of my daughte’s classmates freaked out yesterday , she just started school two months ago and she needs to wait till 9pm at the anqinban to be collected. They are eating poor food all day and not well looked after sometimes. It’s pretty horrible…It’s not Philippines horrible but it’s horrible for their childhood enjoyment.


Send them to work with me, framing and pouring concrete. We don’t need these dudes working near kids.

Foreigners can’t work with kids here even if they have a drunk driving record. Why should Taiwanese be allowed to?


You are right there with the tax money and repeat crime rate if unemployed but I think it is pretty risky to Just release them in society. What is taiwan doing to prepare them to be out and not repeat? There must be a strict program social and psychological to make them better before letting them out. I don’t think just serving time corrects people.


Rehabilitation is important. Many of these people don’t know how to behave responsibly. I worked with ex cons helping them get jobs before. It’s crazy to see grown adults not understand there are consequences to their actions. They literally have never had much positive and negative reinforcements in their life, something children are taught.

It would be good to have some programs that help them get part time vocation to lessen their sentence under watch and pay them at least min wage. Hold on to the money earn and let them save up for an apartment to Start a normal life. Things like that would be great. Stop letting them live off tax money, get them to earn for themselves and slowly let them back.


Some people can’t be helped. Get them pouring concrete.

Not everyone can be some high IQ rocket scientist, despite what some liberals will tell you.

Unfortunately there’s not a place for everyone in this world and that becomes more and more apparent everyday.