Life on the Buses 2020

You going around the island.

Looking nice this view

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I’ve gotten the rebate when they switch to a bus with 4 seats in a row instead of 3. Was this the case?

It’s 4 seats to a row.

@Marco did you notice any instructions on at the terminal about bikes? Like if it’s an extra ticket or needed to be covered in a bike bag?

Since this whole swipe on and off thing started I’ve accidentally locked up two cards. What’s one to do about this stupid bullshit? Do they unlock them at the 7?

I unlock them at MRT station by telling them where I rode it and then they collect that amount from it. Not sure about bus.

Looked up a card? How?

By failing to swipe the card when I get on the bus and when I get off the bus.

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Okay. I see.
Yeah, just do like @tango42 said. Go to a MRT station and they can fix it for you.

Banged up my leg twice already on this thing hiding below knee level. Almost fell down.

Maybe you should be taking the “special” bus.

Just looking out for your well being.