Life on the Buses 2020

I recently maxed out my Gogoro monthly fee, did the math and realized that from Song Shan to Taipei Main Station was cheaper via bus.

I love the bus. You should too!


Upgraded and new bus services to Hualien.:grin:

No xindian stop yet , was hoping for that. Can still switch in luodong I guess.

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I’m curious as if they’ll allow bikes. I’m sure some cyclists may prefer the cheaper ticket, comfy seats and longer journey vs the opposite with the train.

Excuse my ignorance, but what does this mean?

I pay monthly for a certain amount of mileage. I maxed out that mileage. I can still ride, but I pay per KM. So, I started doing the math for how much I would pay per KM on my Gogoro vs mass transportation.


So you rent it?

Technically, I rent the batteries.

So you own the vehicle?

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While the suckers are fighting for tickets on the expensive express trains or crammed like sardines on the slow local trains. I am saving money and getting a fast trip to Hualien on the newly installed 1663 Bus.

Yeah. It’s literally only me on this bus. It’s like having my very own chauffeur to take me to Hualien.


How long does it take to arrive Hualien statin?

Will update. I know the Yilan bus is 1 hour. I am guessing two. Traffic is good.


So it was three hours. Better than the 4h of the train and 2 of the express, which can sell out quickly. I think of it as a good inbetween for $205.

Great view


Does it still take many turns on the way, or most of it is straight?

The new Highways 9 and 9 Ding eliminate most of it.

Highway 9

Highway 9 Ding

There is a section of windy roads in between 9 and new 9 Ding. I think it will be rectified when they dig the tunnels and connect them.

And some at-grade roads that pass through small towns not unlike what i’d see in Northern Ontario


Another thing is that this bus also stops at Xincheng Main Station. The station for Taroko Park.

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Back to Taipei. Today we will be trying Capital Bus’s route 1580 to Banciao. Was a bit more expensive but came with a $50 rebate. Dunno why though.

I am not as lonely today as some people are on the bus. However. One thing I found amusing yesterday was that since I was the only one, the driver decided to forego the Chinese safety instructions and go directly to English. Amused.

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You are back north already?

let us know how long the banqiao one took. are you staying over night in hualian?

I stayed overnight. I am on my way back now.


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