Life on the Buses 2020+

looks this one its more popular.

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Saw this today:

What’s the 加班車 suppose to mean? Exclusive for people who work overtime?

Driver working overtime maybe :slight_smile: I understood it as unscheduled extra bus.

Does anyone know anything about buses or airbrakes?

I notice some bus has this air popping sound when it brakes, and often the driver brakes HARD.

Is it problem with the bus brake system?

Also why do some bus drivers leave the AC off? Like sometimes inside the bus is really hot. Especially with masks.

Every bus/vehicle with air brakes will have an air hiss sound when the brakes are applied.

Ask them?

Not just air hiss sound. This is sound coke machines make every now and then, like when a valve pops.

Some buses would have a loud hiss every now and then. It does not happen to all buses which is why I ask.

Maybe it is being offered up as some sort of pathetic excuse for the reckless driving?

Could be the tank blow off valve or the driver using the hand/emergency brake. Some buses are newer, some are older, some will have working air release mufflers, some will not.