Life on the Buses 2020+

Seen worse in Austin… Taiwan buses are actually pretty tame in comparison (except for the driver). I actually like Taiwan buses though mainly because for the most part, you got to your destination fairly quickly, whereas Austin bus is just slow… super slow. God help you if you ever need to transfer buses.

The brakes on large vehicles are applied by a compressed spring in a cage. Air pressure overcomes the spring and allows drive. The brake pedal reduces air pressure so that the spring forces the shoe into the drum (or whatever). This is a fail-safe system, loss of air pressure results in the brake being applied.

I believe there’s videos online of people dicking about with the caged springs - i’ve not seen them but i’m led to believe that it will easily shoot itself through a wall so pretty dangerous

When stationary, the air compressor is on to fill the tanks, there is a blow off valve when it hits pressure which is the loud bang you get sometimes when a bus is parked. Most modern-ish buses also run air suspension so that’s more blow-off valves.

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If you ever think you’ve had the worst driver ever, just rethink that.

Been a while since I rode a bus in Taipei, but for those that do, how are the drivers usually? Are they decent about giving people a few seconds to actually get on the bus?

Either I’m noticing it more or some bus drivers have gotten worse, but it’s getting a bit annoying in Taichung when as soon as I barely get my two feet in the door they start hitting the accelerator pretty hard.


The older or more encumbered you look the more time you get.

If you look young and healthy, they start driving as you are walking to a seat.

Mixed bag IMO.

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Today sucked, my bus was 30 minutes late, packing lots of people together and the guy sitting next to me thought it was a good idea blaring music from his phone (controlled by his ‘smart’ watch)

Why do Taipei bus drivers are such in a hurry?

Do they not get paid by the hour or shift? Is it that they get to go home as soon as they arrive to the depot?

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Noticed this Taipei bus has a spot for folding bicycles.

Wonder if all Taipei buses, New Taipei buses also, allow folding bicycles?

Luggage can go on buses without being on a specific rack so wonder if folding bikes can also.

Think I’ll just try it randomly.

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Is there camping in that little island area?

Buses back in the news for Taipei/New Taipei

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When they do that to me, I just put on some death metal, really loud, and point the phone at them. They get the message pretty quickly.

How could someone actually come up with this idea? And the people around him thought it made sense too.

The bus system is already integrated. Talk about trying to solve problems that don’t exist

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Because he’s an out of touch asswipe born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

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I don’t understand why Taiwanese are so challenged paying to get on bus.

It’s cashcard or cash.

Yet I regularly get stuck behind people at door trying to pay. Car doesn’t work and then they talk to the bus driver and then they think maybe they need cash for they can’t find it and it takes them a long time.

I’m not even local bit I’m not having problems.

Haven’t seen it happen particularly regularly, did happen to me once though! Got on the bus in the morning swiped the old you-you card at the middle doors and then swiped to get off at the drivers machine except the machine didn’t make it’s normal beepies. You-You card was out of cash and it doesn’t auto refill on a bus, I generally don’t carry coins and there is no change given for the NT$15 fare, driver was decent and said forget it and pay next time.


I think this (seat reservation system) already happening for 936 bus from Linkou to Yuanshan since 2019. Some commuters even asking for special bus that goes direct from Linkou to Yuanshan without stopping in most stops. (Has a frog icon on the LED screen infront).

Normal 936

Fast 936

You should see how people act while boarding buses in Canada.

The amount of b&lls&t and fare evasion I saw this summer was incredible.


It’s not that hard, sometimes they can be useful. :slightly_smiling_face:


An update on this awful accident in 2020: