Life on the MRT 2020

Still same policy , but you need to inform the staff at the MRT station



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Seems like a lot of effort to save a maximum of $60. Especially with the Allpass ticket.

Yes to avoid the sun! But the hike from the orange to the circular line is hotter than hell. The temperature changes really make me sweat.

No they have not and there’s a big sign that says if you need to use the restroom you ask the station staff and they will let you in. Otherwise they charge you the 20nt. They should change this because people have dodged fare in the past by claiming to use the restroom. They should make it like the airport mrt where if you scan in and out within 15 minutes at the same station they do not charge you. This saves staff from having to let you in and worrying if you are trying to dodge fare.


I’ve given up trying to understand why Taiwanese will queue up for hours for a NT$50 discount or a free packet of tissues, asking staff to let you into a station for a potential NT$60 bonanza is way down the 麻煩 list.


Didn’t realize so many stations were like that! OK, let me rephrase: it’s only very rarely an issue for someone who’s lucky enough to walk to work and has been on the MRT 3-4 times this summer.

When I talk about the policy being changed - if it was changed - I’m going quite a while back. My vague memories of using my card and getting in and out of the same station for free, if within a certain time, are likely from more than a decade ago, and the discovery that it is NOT free (anymore?) “feels” like 2-3 years ago, which based on how my memory works these days, probably means it was 5-6 years or more back.

I was once kicking myself for going out the wrong entrance and hit some stairs but. … then there was this young lady coming down the same stairs with a super short miniskirt and see thru panties !!! I always take the stairs after that


I’m lazy so I still used the escalators but I remember that one time I used the stairs

I did this today at a station where the restrooms are within the gates. I asked nicely if I could “borrow” the restroom. The station agent didn’t bat an eye, just handed me a token and pointed me in the right direction. When I finished, I inserted the token into the turnstile and let myself out. The agent wasn’t even around to make sure I left.


This may be a new policy.

That token will only allow you to leave via the same station. If you try to dodge fare you won’t be able to leave at other stations.

There are news articles of people claiming to use the restroom and then go and take the train, then sneak out of the other station. It reminds people that there are consequences for this, as this is technically trespass.

So they may have devised the token as a way to keep people honest.

Personally they should just program the turnstiles to not charge you if you enter and leave within 15 minutes at the same station. This is more than enough time to use the toilets. It also eliminates fare dodgers.

Not if you have to do a number two.

Would be a good idea however not everyone uses a stored value card.

Speak for yourself! :rofl:

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Aerial shot of Sanying project progress July


Dear handsome atoga walking up and down the car while talking on the phone:

If you fall on my lap, I ain’t letting go.

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Sorry about that, 小三 was getting uppity this morning.