Life on the MRT 2020

We have been saying that the circle line will open, but for quite a few years now.

Will it really happen this year?



They will have a meeting on January 5th…again.

Jan 5th meeting determined 6 things to sort out, then operation permit will be granted and the mayors will announce an opening date.

the station near me still doesn’t look very finished.

People of FB Xindian groups joked that maybe by the end of 2020 the Circular line may open. Sigh.

OTOH there was an announcement that the link between Taipei Zoo and Jiannan will start construction in 2023…sigh…

劍南路站經松山抵動物園站 捷運東環段最快2023年開工

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I understand having the line start at Song Shan and maybe that area north of it by Costco, but having a line cut straight through Neihu Software Park is so unnecessary with the brown line right there.

Probably take a year to sort out those six things :joy:

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Feels like 15° with fans on high on red line from Xiangshan. Outside is 19°.

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Isn’t rush hour traffic in the Neihu software park really bad? And it gives people in that part of Neihu a direct link down to Xinyi.

Rush hour traffic anywhere is bad. I still don’t find it necessary. If people are going from Xinyi to Neihu Software Park, they making the right amount of cash to take a taxi to and from.

The congestion on Ruiguang Rd in Neihu is such that it can take 10 minutes to travel the distance between two bus stops. Could definitely use some more options in the area as the closest MRT stations are both located somewhat far away (for such a high-traffic area) and also unattractive to commuters by right of being the brown line.

It doesn’t matter if you take a taxi if all the roads toward the bridges out of Neihu are blocked up.

Considering how many people work in the area, having an MRT station for it makes sense to me. Would definitely relieve some congestion on the roads and reduce crowding on the buses and the brown line.

so is there any news about the circle line, or is it destined to become a mosquito house?

The circular line could be approved for trial runs today after inspection and open for service before Lunar New Year.



… next year?


Speaking of opening subway lines…
I’ve seen some Taichung stations around for some time now. When will they finally be usable??? I remember hearing talk ‘by end of 2020’ but hard to tell if that’s real.

Yeah it really should be end of the year this time assuming no major problems. Last I heard there was going to be a public trial period in June that runs part of the line from one of the schools to another part (I think just further down Wenxin Road, forgot which station).


Let me be the first to say…


@Belgian_Pie Probably!

@okonomiyaki don’t jinx it!