Life on the MRT 2021

Last year in Jan 2020, we were hoping for the circle line, which we got.

What’s in store for 2021?


Is that the one where you can get off the Blue Line at Xinpu and take it to Zhonghe? I rode that one a while back to visit with some people. That was cool.

For years, I was like, I’d like to go to Zhonghe, but it’s too much hassle. Now I don’t have an excuse, except that I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to find the eateries that I went to once about 15 years ago. For all I know they might not even be there anymore. There was one place that had the kind of hummus that has ground sesame seed in it. And there was a place–maybe the same place, I don’t remember–that had beef curry (maybe Burmese) that tasted almost like Texas chili.

They also had a vegan curry that the teachers used to bring to my old cram school sometimes, and it had a kind of Mexican-like flavor that I liked. I think it also had chickpeas.

Anyway, I’m blithering, never mind. :slight_smile:

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Go forth and find out and bring us back good tidings

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Maybe I’ll do that. :slight_smile:

Are there any updates on the Taichung MRT? I really liked riding the green line, but it seems like it’s doomed to never truly open.

I don’t know anything firsthand, but this Taipei Times article seems to be saying that trial runs may begin in February:

Kayleigh Madjar and CNA, “DORTS to seek compensation for Taichung MRT,” December 23, 2020

I vaguely remember reading–either in the paper or on this board, or both–about the Taipei MRT’s early days, and if I remember correctly, it took a while to work the bugs out of it. That probably doesn’t make anybody feel better, but it seems like that could be a normal part of the process with these kinds of things.

Great! As long as it doesn’t take them another few years before actual passenger tests, I’m excited! Having a metro in Taichung really felt like it transformed the city, even though it’s only one line. So much cool stuff to see and find, but it’s tough when everything is a 40-minute scooter ride apart.

Yeah, I guess I was naïvely hoping that the 20 years they spent planning and building the Taichung Metro would have worked out most of the bugs :upside_down_face:



Life on the MRT is fun. They do stop people from scanning in if their mask is off though.