Lifting Self-Imposed Restrictions on the U.S.-Taiwan Relationship - US State Department

Do you know who Biden’s trade representative is?

And your opinion is based on what kind of knowledge or foresight?

I don’t, and I’d tell you appointees are inconsequential when you already know enough about the appointer.

If a newcomer ascends to power and you don’t know about his politics and his tendencies, there is value in looking at who he appointees. Such as during the initial year where Xi came to power, when Obama came to power, or when Trump came to power.

But Biden, you already know his world view, his under-table dealings with China, and his inner circle.

I don’t dispute any of that, but it’s insufficient. There is evidence pointing in both directions.

The CCP is as right wing as it gets! :rofl:

CCP is leftist totalitarian who believes that the Chinese race ought to have equity with the White race. The oppressed Chinese (a group identity that no Tibetans, no Hong Kongers, no Taiwanese shall escape ) suffer a century of humiliation, and thus the whites must pay their retribution one way or another.

CCP doctrines, to name a few, tout “science” and “progress” in the name of collectivism. CCP doctrines stipulate that individual free speech should be be subject to “correct speech”.
Collectivism trumps individualism. The particular sensitivities of the oppressed - namely the Chinese - should dictate correct speech.
Nationalism, such as Tibetan nationalism, American nationalism, Taiwan nationalism, Japanese nationalism are either Separatist or Fascist by CCP parlance.

CCP believes in struggle sessions and cultural Marxism. And economic Marxism as well. CCP believes that any property or wealth of the West (basically the whites) should be distributed to the oppressed, namely the Chinese. This is the “equality of outcome” applied to race theory where the 1+billion Chinese collectively demand equity. This is the ultimate Racial Justice.

CCP believes in de-platforming “politically incorrectness” such as Taiwan.

CCP persecutes all religions because religions violate the Science and Progress doctrine of the Left.

Define right wing again? No. CCP is the epitome of a Leftist. The ever-evolving, hypocritical, power-hungry leftist.

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You mean back when Clinton sent a carrier through the Straits to warn Beijing about interfering in Taiwan’s elections? The horror!

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Uh, you must have missed the part where this was a decision by the Trump administration, and Kelly Craft was a Trump appointee. Looks like Obama’s magic time machine is getting warmed up for a new run.

Can only repeat- the horror!

I mean the 3 No’s and the subsequent US effort to include of China in WTO.

I think you missed the point. 1996 was PR stunt on the part of the Chinese and Clinton as well, because Clinton had every intention to get intimate with the Chinese and downgrade Taiwan, and he did.

China also did not have the capability and intention to win a Taiwan war anyway. They could cause damage if they wanted but that would certainly force Clinton to distance himself from China, and the kind of damage China could inflict on Taiwan would have been too small to amount to anything at all.

It was Clinton’s China-friendly attitude and tendency that led China to believe there would not be any humiliating consequence such as “US sending carriers to Taiwan Strait”.

Therefore, democratic administrations like Clinton and worse, Biden, pose tremendous danger to Taiwan. They have a long tradition of selling out Taiwan.

Those who’re familiar with history might recall Clinton opposed LTH’s visit to US. LTH was invited by Congress, not by Clinton.

Craft and Tsai did a Zoom call. You can all stop panicking now.

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