List of potentially tainted products from China (lists only)

I’m starting this thread just for the listings of tainted and suspect products, so that we can have a sticky for this vital info. Since the melamine (三聚氰胺 san1ju4qing1an1) and other toxins can be fatal, especially for infants, I want to make sure that it is maximally accessible and doesn’t get buried in discussions of ethics and news stories about prosecutions etc.; the latter discussions belong in the China is suffering from huge lack of ethics thread.

Here’s what I’ve gathered so far. [color=#0000FF]I will edit it continually to update it[/color] to include the latest pics and names as posters (thanks Icon, Charlie Jack etc.!) send me information or post it in this thread or as we distill it from the local news:

[color=#BF0000]May be UNSAFE

Newest info
is at the top here, in red:

Eggs from China.

You2tiao2 fried bread sticks (crullers) often sold with doujiang (soybean milk) at breakfast stands.

Other products made with ammonium bicarbonate leavening, including breads, cookies, biscuits, cream puffs, sea weed, octopus and shrimp[/color]

[color=#404040]Strawberry “Sticks” from 甘百世 company and other strawberry cookie confections may be tainted.

NESTLE and Nestle’s Klim MILK POWDER tests positive for traces of melamine: [quote]Tests in Taiwan have found minor doses of the industrial chemical melamine in milk powders produced in China by the European food giant Nestle, and those products are being withdrawn, Taiwan’s health minister said Thursday. Minister Yeh Ching-chuan said milk powders produced by Nestle in Heilongjiang Province in northeastern China were found to contain 0.3-0.85 ppm (parts per million) of melamine. Nestle is based in Switzerland. “Such minor doses of melamine will not affect people’s health … but we will take them off shelves according to our recommended procedures,” Yeh said.[/quote] Source

Pulled from COSTCO shelves: 奶概多 Regimen House 起士三明治 cheese sandwich cookies from Malaysia (Golden Kestrel Co.)[quote]Taipei - A Taiwan company began Tuesday to recall a batch of cheese cracker sandwiches imported from Malaysia after finding the toxic chemical melamine in the biscuits. The Golden Kestrel Co Ltd ordered the recall after test results at two laboratories showed traces of melamine in the Regimen House cheese cracker sandwich, the company said on its website.
The result from one lab showed the cracker contained 29 parts per million (ppm) of melamine while the other test showed its melamine concentration is 17 ppm. Taiwan’s permitted melamine concentration is 2.5 ppm. Golden Kestrel claims that it imported 12,314 boxes of the Regimen House cheese cracker sandwich - two round biscuits stuck together by cheese filling - from Malaysia between April and July. They were sold at the Costco hypermarkets across Taiwan.
Golden Kestrel has removed the cheese cracker sandwiches from Costco,[/quote]

Pocky Men’s coffee cream coated biscuit stick, produced by Japan’s Ezaki Glico Co. Ltd., found contaminated in HK

Also Chinese-made biscuit sticks, walnut and coconut cakes in HK: [quote] Two samples of coconut and walnut cakes manufactured by Tian Le Yuan Foods Co. Ltd. in southern China[/quote]

China-made Koala cookies in the Netherlands,

Lipton-brand 3-in-1 milk tea powder in Hong Kong and Macau, [quote]Unilever announced Tuesday it was recalling brands of Lipton milk tea powder in Hong Kong and Macau after testing showed them tainted with melamine[/quote]

Ritz crackers and rice crackers in Korea:

lactoferrin in NZ:

[quote]In New Zealand, the Tatua Cooperative Dairy Co. on Monday, Sept. 29, stopped exports of the dairy protein lactoferrin, used mainly in baby formula, after tests showed it contained traces of melamine.

Tatua said a Chinese customer told its agent two weeks ago that melamine had been detected in its lactoferrin powder. Further tests in both China and New Zealand on Sept. 22 and 23 confirmed low-level contamination, chief executive Paul McGilvary said Monday.

Food safety officials are now investigating whether lactoferrin manufactured by Westland Milk products on South Island and Australia’s Victoria state dairy company, Tatura, which uses the same process, are being contaminated with melamine by the manufacturing process it uses.[/quote]

Heinz Intelligence Many Many Vegetable Cereal in HK was found to have trace levels of melamine and was recalled. “The melamine levels detected in the one Heinz Hong Kong product are 25 times lower than internationally accepted safety levels,” according to a statement released by Heinz Monday. “Babies on average eat half a 200 g pack per day. At the levels found, a baby would have to consume more than 12 packs every day to exceed safety levels. Heinz is confident that this one affected product is safe to consume.”

steamed potato wasabi crackers produced by Silang House[/color]

More unsafe products:

[color=#FF8000]Pizza Hut cheese powder packets have been found UNSAFE.

RTMart has apparently been concealing its imporation of many tons of melamine-tainted milk powder, which may have found its way into many of their bakery and deli products. Boycott RTMart!

A number of hypermarkets including Carrefour and RTMart and other stores in Taibei COUNTY continue to sell milk powder from China or dairy products of unclear origin, without providing any certification of melamine-free status.

We had previously noted that anything from China might be unsafe, and Icon had pointed out that you could look at the barcode to determine the origin: [quote=“Icon”]All barcodes starting with 690 up to 695, refer to products made in PRC. (factory number or final packing plant)…Barcode for Taiwan is 471. If no barcode, it was illegally introduced to The Island.[/quote]

HOWEVER, it turns out that some of the 471 codes are processed or packaged in Taiwan but may contain PRC ingredients including melamine-tainted milk powder.

Milk products from the PRC, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Taiwan are all suspect (as all these locations have some products with imported PRC milk, milk powder or derivative ingredients).

Koala cookies TAINTED! 樂天小熊餅乾
It’s reported this only affected the fake ones, not the real ones from Japan.

older news
milk powder – A LOT of it is unsafe. Bakers in Taibei and Taibei County bought a lot. RTMart reportedly bought six TONS (literally) of the stuff, so it’s probably in everything they made (puddings, breads, custards, etc.) AVOID milk powder and manufactured products which list milk powder as an ingredient, until further notice. Supplies are still being tested and pulled from the shelves as we speak, including in Taiwan. Tainted PRC suppliers include the Sanlu Group and 21 other Chinese companies, so this is a widespread and ONGOING problem. Nestle, Klim and Quaker now appear to be safe AFAIK.

baby formula from China. Breast feed if possible. Make sure you’re buying formula from reliable countries otherwise.

non-dairy creamersAt least four sourcesof this have been found to be unsafe, including those imported from China’s Zhongshi Duqing (Shandong) Biotech Co.

[b]malt extract – at least one sourcehas been found unsafe. “The DOH is still unsure of the reason why malt extract would be affected as well”

milk tea – many brands reported unsafe on the news, and currently being pulled from shelves; a bunch were announced to be unsafe on Tuesday, Sept. 23. Icon provides this pic: EDIT: Whoops! Apple daily changed that hotlinked pic to softcore porn when we weren’t looking! :laughing:. Brands include 古道 Gu3dao4 and 摩卡 mo2ka3 (both pictured).

pearl milk tea (aka pearl tapioca milk tea (珍珠奶茶) ) unless the seller has switched to imported milk powder from the US, Australia, NZ etc. (check with your vendor)

soya drink (dou4jiang1) including the huge 愛之味 ai4zhi1wei4 brand; pic here:


dou4hua1 at street-side vendors

packets of fine instant oatmeal with creamer and sugar already added; a bunch were announced to be unsafe on Tuesday, Sept. 23

instant chocolate drink mixes

instant coffees with creamer (3-in-1), including Mr. Brown, Gukeng coffee 梅農古坑三合一咖啡」及「梅農古坑二合一咖啡」 and other brands; photo of tainted Mr Brown coffees and soup:
pics of Gukeng:

creamy soups with milk powder like corn soup including Knorr brand and the one in the pic above, as well as King Carr’s chicken-corn soup.

products by 真口味 containing milk

Candies made with milk, including traditional “rabbit” candies (White Rabbit Creamy Candy) and Cadbury products

“Yili Brand,” a fruit bar yogurt

“Dutch Lady,” a strawberry-flavored milk

There’s one report in HK of Nestle condensed milk testing positive but Nestle rejected the finding.

baked products in Taibei and Taibei county, including cakes, breads and sweet pastry breads (including RT Mart)

calcium tablets

( … 2003423983)
Nestle products imported from China (but acc. to Nestle, all its products brought to Taiwan are safe)

ice cream


yogurt ice-bars


high-protein powder

health food

instant noodles



veggie meat

Products by Liu Ho Chemical industries, Chia Tai foods, Fan sheng Enterprise, and Sanyi Foods.[/color]

Supposedly okay so far:

Fresh milk from ALL Taiwan producers, large and small, has been declared SAFE.

Tuotai products

Uni-President and Weichuan?

NESTLE products in Taiwan were originally declared safe, then later recalled due to trace levels.

Quaker milk powder

Mr. Brown canned coffee not containing creamer
NEWLY produced King Car instant coffee.

Announced to be safe:
確定無三聚氰胺的產品 Found not to contain melamine:
◎台灣雀巢 Taiwan Nestle: all 86 products containing milk, coffees and kitchen products OK
◎巍氏國際實業:MOGT 摩吉地全脂羊奶粉
◎同興實業:LOTUS 荷花特級全脂奶粉
資料來源:衛生署食品衛生處(from the DOH



Also generally not guaranteed to be safe:
eggs from China
pork from China
seafood from China ( … ucts-china)
rice from China
kids’ toys from China
China-manufactured children’s jewelry
eight brands of kohl or eye shadow from China
contact lens solutions shipped from China
pet food from China
toothpaste from China
soy sauce from China
red bean paste from China
dumplings from China

Please offer updates and clarifications if available. Thanks!

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Ok, that’s a great list, but how do I tell that it comes from China?
What I read in the news back home, even stuff from Arla (Swedish-Danish company) and Fonterra who owns Anchor (from New Zealand) might have affected products, as they part own Chinese dairy companies…
Maybe it’s easier to make a list of what is safe than what isn’t?

According to Wikipedia other products that may or may not be sold here include:
Nissin Cha Cha Dessert mix
Nestlé Dairy Farm Pure Milk

The wife threw away already some milk listed as dangerous, but she was not allowed to touch my Haagen Dazs icecream.

Don’t tell me my Haagen Dazs is black listed… please ??? :s :aiyo:

Good thread- make it a sticky and pictures of the most dangerous products would help a lot (I can not even describe the milk which is black listed and still sold all over)

I don’t care about Haagen Dazs … overpriced frozen air/sugar mix … black list it :smiley: :whistle:

GASP… sacrilege… :astonished:

I care and my belly also. So I eat it right away. Melamine Dazs
Anyway- if I die I will blame you :raspberry:

Haagen Daz comes from an industrial estate in Philadelphia I think, not China. They don’t even use sugar, by the way Belgian Pie – they use corn syrup. It’s pretty nasty stuff.

Of poisonous Chinese krap?

:laughing: Good one.

Btw, Haggis Das is a Nestle firm, I hear. Some Nestle products in HK were found to have melamine, I think, but none in Taiwan so far. But that might be the Nestle brand rather than the Nestle group.

The stuff sold here is made in France and the European part of Häagen-Dazs is owned by General Mills, not Nestle as in the US, or that’s at least what the tub in the freezer says…

It tastes good in the UK. Tastes ass in Taiwan.

You sure that the person that sold you you ice cream didn’t use the spoon to wipe his ass with first? That would explain the ass flavour… :moon:

It would, yes.


All barcodes starting with
690 up to 695
, refer to products made in PRC. (factory number or final packing plant)

Barcode for Taiwan is [color=#FF0000]471.[/color] If no barcode, it was illegally introduced to The Island. :runaway:

Now, where the heck were my vitamins made?!

These were the latest taken off the shelves:

This brand 愛之味 is also very popular, this might be troublesome:

Check the cupboards, guys.

RT Mart bought 6100 kilos of tainted milk powder. Now no one wants to buy their bread.

If you have Gukeng coffee 梅農古坑三合一咖啡」及「梅農古坑二合一咖啡」that is also being recalled.

This company 真口味 is also halting sale of products with milk.

Anyone know about products? “soya” soy milk, and “drinking yogurt”? Are they safe?

The barcode starts with 471 and they appear to be a TW company. I could be wrong but I don’t see how this tells us much. The product could have been produced here with milk powder or milk from China.

Icon… i do not get it about your first picture. Those produce natural milk :ponder:
or is it the title only you wanted to use?

Froggers, where did that come from?! (Frigging Apple Daily pictures)

I got the Häagen-Dazs name offthis list of Nestle products. The ice cream brands listed as Nestle included Ice Cream: Nestlé, Frisco, Motta, Camy, Savory, Peters, Haagen Dasz, Movenpick. :idunno: Maybe it’s an old list.

I had assumed Häagen-Dazs was European, but Wiki says [quote]Contrary to appearances, the name is not Scandinavian; it is simply two made-up words meant to look Scandinavian to American eyes (in fact, the digraphs “äa” and “zs” are impossible in all Scandinavian languages). This is known in the marketing industry as foreign branding. Mattus included an outline map of Scandinavia on early labels, as well as the names of Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm, to reinforce the Scandinavian theme. A name was created by reversing the name of Duncan Hines (“Huncan-Dines”), an original potential marketer of the product. When that deal didn’t materialize the name was manipulated to sound Scandinavian.[/quote]

Fooled again.

[quote=“Homey”]Anyone know about products? “soya” soy milk, and “drinking yogurt”? Are they safe?

The barcode starts with 471 and they appear to be a TW company. I could be wrong but I don’t see how this tells us much. The product could have been produced here with milk powder or milk from China.[/quote]

I’d be suspicious of soya milk and drinking yogurt at this point, unless you can read the label and confirm that it does not contain the characters 奶粉 nai3fen3, milk powder. I’ve not heard of Uni-President recalls yet. Anyone? The last pic Icon posted above is a soya drink. Anyway, a LOT of tainted milk powder was imported from China and used in making tainted products in Taiwan, it turns out. The tests and recalls are ongoing. Personally, I would refrain from consuming anything with milk powder in it if I were you.