List of Vegetarian Restaurants

Quite a few foodies keep asking for WCIF vegetarian restaurants???

Here is a district wise link.

Thanks Div! This will take some housekeeping but mr m can do that. :wink:

You’re welcome! I debated between posting it in ‘LiT’ and the food forum…I just hope it’s a recent list and not compiled in 1997! :smiley:

Thank you! What about indian vegetarian restaurant?

Chinese vegetarian food is quite boring (really, sorry to say that but its quite true)


Chinese vegetarian food is quite boring (really, sorry to say that but its quite true)[/quote]
I agree. It’s usually very bland. They don’t use garlic and onions and douse everything in too much black pepper.

And where are the POTATOES? :bluemad:


I’m not aware of any specifically vegetarian Indian restaurants in Taipei, but all the Indian restaurants I’ve been to here have plenty of vegetarian dishes, often indicated as such on the menu.

there’ this one street off shida rd (opposite side of the nightmarket) that has a lot of Indian restaurants, all of them offer several vegetarian dishes. There’s also a Tibetan restaurant with tasty vegetarian food. lists vegetarian and vegan restaurants all over the world (including ratings). It has 70+ places listed for Taipei and also some for other cities in Taiwan.

thanks for the tip, rosarot … could you be more specific about the indian-restaurant area? Street name? Google maps maybe? Sounds worth a visit.

Ok, I looked it up on google maps. The name of the street is 台北市大安區浦城街13巷. It’s one of the little streets that go off Shida Rd. behind the park. On the corner of this street there is a bar/restaurant that’s called 紅館. It is a red (who would’ve thought it :slight_smile: ) building that is completely open facing the park and has a balcony on the second floor. I think if you pass by Starbucks walking toward Heping Rd. it’s the next street to the left.
There should be about five Indian restaurants in this street but I haven’t tried them all. I like the Tibetan place and one other restaurant. Can’t remember the name though. I’ll check the next time I’m around. Prices can vary a bit but should all be around 150 NT for a veggie set meal.

If you really wanna treat yourself to something special and are willing to spend a bit more I can not recommend Saffron enough. It’s in Tianmu and they serve the best Indian food I`ve ever had! (Never been to India though)
Last time I’ve been there was in spring 2010 (I’ve been out of the country for a while) but I plan on paying them another visit soon.
Check for details, pictures and a review.
Everytime I went there the service was extraordinary (even compared to Western European standards) and they also have a wide selection of wines (which I never tried). The staff there sure know what they are doing.
And the Indian bread they serve is to die for.

I just remembered two more online resources for veg*-places in Taipei: (Chinese and English) (English only)

There’s one opposite Taipei Arena (Songshan Sports Centre) on second floor. Taipei Arena is on Dunhua South and Dunhua North Road. Pizza Hut is seen directly across this restauarant and they both share the same street alley.

Awesome! Good to Know…

Are there any western vegetarian restaurants in Taipei? This is something that I miss out on in China. Sure you can find plenty of veg options at other Western eateries, but veg-exclusive places usually have things that others rarely do…

There are Loving Huts in Taiwan. I haven’t been to one there, but the ones in Korea carry a variety of things including Western style food and a freezer with meat substitutes like veggie burgers.

Brilliant list, cheers!

Fusion Asia Indian Bar and Restaurant on HePing East Road, Section 3 has a wide variety of Indian vegetarian dishes. Look for them on Facebook (Search “Taipei Fusion Asia”) for more details.

Hey everybody My name is Eddy Gonzalez and Id like to invite you to my restaurant in Tienmu. Its called Eddy’s Cantina and its a Mexican Restaurant. Although we are not solely a vegetarian restaurant, we do have a vegetarian menu so rest assured, we got ya covered. Like our facebook page if you have a chance to keep up to date on menu updates,
We make our own everything so its not uncommon to see vegetarians of all types eating happily with their non veggie buds while chillin on th terrace enjoying a cold beer. Come and check us out, we have loads of local and expat vegetarian customers. We aim to please. Let us know… Thanx


I ate at Eddy’s for the first time yesterday, and it was so good that I went back again today. The decor is nice and the staff friendly. But for me the best is that the vegetarian menu has a lot of choices and the two dishes I have had so far (enchilladas and burrito) were absolutely delicious—authentic Mexican fare.

I’ll be trying lunch there this week. :smiley:

Really recommend it.

hello everyone, in 25th June we will open a restaurant: Yonlin Restaurant in
New Taipei city (Yonghe/Yunghe)

We also serve vegetable base soup for hot pot, salad, cold food and some deli for vegetarian
you can see more information at our facebook page and website.
also can reservation online or email us if you have any question.

looking forward to serving you soon =)

Yonlin Restaurant

I humbly submit:

No 393 Xinyi Rd Sec 4 信義路4段393號
Near WTC/101 on Xinyi between Guangfu and Keelung, MRT is Sun Yat Sen Stn Exit3, soon to be Xinyi Line WTC Stn! woo hoo!

Plenty of Western vegetarian and meatless options. All tacos & burritos can be made with beans instead of meat, the Veggie Flautas receive rave reviews and have a strong repeat following - I see the same people every week eating those. Almost everything has garlic and/or onions so does not qualify as “Chinese vegetarian,” it’s American, Italian, and Mexican food, so our “vegetarian” falls under that definition. Also there are a couple of Indian places around the corner on Keelung with veggie options so if you’re often in this area come in and we’ll point you in the right direction for next time!