List of Vegetarian Restaurants


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opening the 20th!

[b]Address: No. 9, Lane 1, Jǐnglóng St, Wenshan District
Hours of Operation: M,W,Th,F,S,Su: 2:00pm - late // (closed Tuesday)

地址: 台北市景隆街1巷9號
營業時間:週三到週一 14:00 - late (週二公休)

Google Maps:
Facebook: … 0208585765
Dedicated Thread: … 9&t=124602


I’ve been meaning to post about a veggie burger place that I go to. It’s been open about a year, and it’s located near the Yongan Market MRT station (orange line). They serve a bunch of different fake meat burgers: beef, chicken, lamb, etc. The lamb burger is my fav, and I personally had a hard time telling that it wasn’t actually meat when I first tried it. :slight_smile: It’s probably not a place to cross town for unless you really want some tofu/mushroom burgers, but it’s a nice little place to try if you’re in the area. It’s not super fancy, more like a vegetarian version of the typical breakfast shops. The prices are pretty good. A burger and fries will cost you about 90NT. It’s called Star Bar, and it’s down an alley off of Zhong he Rd.



Hi All!

Just opened up Ooh Cha Cha, which is a completely VEGAN health bar. We have a range of green drinks, chia lime frescas, raw desserts, hot drinks, tea and sandwiches. We are right by exit 2 of Guting MRT station. We source as many organic and local ingredients as possible and all our green drinks never have ice added. We also don’t used refined white flours or refined white sugars in any of our recipes. Most of our spreads are made in-house, even the almond butter :slight_smile:. Hope you stop by to check us out!
We take reservations, take-out orders, and catering requests.

Find out more about us:
Google Maps:

#24 … aipei.html
Most traditional Bulgarian salads, shopska salad, zucchini yogurt, peppers byurek, kavarma, mousaka, shoppe style cheese


Since discovering Chamkar in Tienmu (in a lane opposite Takashimaya), it has become our favourite vegetarian restaurant in Taipei: … il2012.pdf

Must tries: Wedding Day dip, fresh spring roll, mushroom flat noodle, stir fry pumpkin and pineapple


[strike]Hi, we have opened a take out pizza place that is not too far from the
Guting MRT station. The name of our store is Raccoon Pizza 浣熊披薩.

To see store hours, our address, and map, please visit our website:
Check our website often for store hour updates (we are still adjusting store hours).

Our pizzas are all meatless and do not
contain any egg product. All our pizzas do have cheese though. So, this may
be considered vegetarian to some people - and may not be considered vegetarian to others,
depending on what type of vegetarianism you follow. We have several selections that use
a vegetarian chicken topping (made from soybean protein).

Our pizzas are all 8" pizzas and we sell these as slices as well
(slices are 1/4 of an 8" pizza, so they are small).
Our prices are low and start at NT 80 and up for an 8" pizza and NT 20 and up for a slice.
We have ready made pizzas / slices for you to grab and go. You can also order a pizza from us
that we will bake fresh - just for you.[/strike]



Great to see you taking veggie pizza to the streets of Taiwan. I’ll try and stop by next time I’m in town.



Thanks a lot!


Mia Cucina in Tienmu. Very good. Been here twice and very happy both times. … 2003547886


[quote=“Tempo Gain”]Mia Cucina in Tianmu. Very good. Been here twice and very happy both times. … 2003547886[/quote]
Yup. That’s an excellent place - my only quibble is that they don’t change the set menu options often enough, so I’m kind of tired of having the same few things all the time. (The menu itself is significantly broader than what’s available if you want a set meal.) But it’s far and away my favourite vegetarian restaurant in Taipei. It’s only about five minutes’ walk away from Zhishan MRT station, on the way to the Tianmu Sogo, so access is fairly easy.

It’s nice to see that they’ve been quite popular for a couple of years now, with reservations recommended. It looks like it has some staying power.

Tips for a mid- to high-end restaurant with good vegetarian options?

Bruce’s Kitchen in Xindian and on 5F of the Neihu Carrefour is vegetarian pizza and pasta.


Similar fare at Amalfi outside Beitou station. A bit too starchy for me, and a little expensive, but everything on the menu is top-notch.


Bruce’s in Xindian, years ago, was top-notch and creative. But if the Neihu branch now is anything to go by, they have moved toward mainstream quality levels and offerings. Their pesto pasta went from awesome to disappointing, for instance. But for vegetarians wanting a broader range of menu offerings, it’s probably worth checking out. Skip the panna cotta and side salad. Thumbs down on those. Mushroom pasta and Pizza Margherita were not bad.


Yeah, Amalfi is pretty good too (but I still prefer Mia Cucina). Seeing as how I live in Danshui with a vegetarian spouse, and I can’t stand Taiwanese-style vegetarian food, I’ve eaten at both of those places quite a bit!

Here’s Amalfi’s website, and their (pseudo?) Facebook page (so we can’t embed links with Chinese characters?; note you’ll have to copy and paste the whole link below):阿馬非/168244346598142


Yup, full of salt and sugar and grease to make up for the fact that they’ve omitted anything else that might give it some flavour. Awful stuff. There used to be a very good one near B&Q shilin; really good, healthy food, and you could actually taste what the vegetables were supposed to be. It closed down last year. :frowning:

Have to try Mia Cucina sometime. Walked past it often and never yet walked in.


I just visited 培仁素食烹調工作室 Peiren Vegetarian Cooking Studio in Jingmei today and was so impressed by the creative, exquisite and delicious food. In fact, it’s the BEST vegetarian cuisine I’ve had in my 9 years of living in Taiwan. They use mountain-grown organic vegetables where possible, with no MSG and vegetarian oyster sauce which I dislike, and no processed soy products. All plates are antique, with over 100 years’ history.

Facebook: … nref=story


Restaurant has only 10 seats. By reservation only (2 days ahead). There’s 10% discount till May 6 as restaurant is celebrating its 10th anniversary (NT$990 per head including 10% service charge for 8-course set lunch).

Address: 台北市景美景興路243巷4號 No. 4, Lane 243, Jingxing Road, Jingmei, Taipei
Tel: (02)2933-5569


Went to Yang Shin last night for vegetarian dim sum. Almost everything we got was really good–exception was the cha shao bao, too sticky/doughy. Right near Songjiang Nanjing Station. We’ll be back … -shin.html


Like Lotus Vegetarian Hot Pot 若荷蔬食火鍋. A standard hot pot restaurant - but with no meat! A comfortable and convenient choice for vegetarians and vegans that meat-eating friends can enjoy as well. Buffet has a moderate selection, but offerings are fresh and high quality. Bonus points for a great condiment bar! Interior is clean and attractive. Service is attentive and friendly (even when you lose track of time and stay past closing like we did!). At $495 per person, the price is about the same as standard all-you-can-eat, but since the ingredients used are mainly inexpensive vegetables, it seems more costly. Still, it provides good value for those wanting to enjoy a relaxed hot pot meal without dodging bits of pork and beef everywhere. Check it out! … %E9%8D%8B/


Shui Wen Vegetarian Garden 水問蔬食園. Self-serve, ready-to-eat dishes come to your table by conveyor belt, earning high marks for convenience and novelty. Super-convenient location and hours – next door to an MRT station, and open all day! Food is decent – nothing special, but good variety, with some hits and some misses. At $30 NT for a small portion, the cost adds up quickly,so it’s not cheap, but still acceptable. Very friendly service. Clean and comfortable. A great place for a casual, sociable meal with friends, or for grabbing a quick bite on the run. Kids will love this place, too!


Taiwanese vegetarian homestyle noodles in Beitou|Mama Zhang’s Vegetarian Restaurant
No surprises here – the thing that makes this hole-in-the-wall notable is its reliability and consistent good value. Standard Taiwanese classics are well-prepared and flavourful. Big portions, big flavour. Service is indifferent, but efficient. Ambience is very casual – a typical little mom-and-pop eatery, Mama Zhang’s is basic and a little grubby-looking, but the food is clean and fresh. Conveniently located two blocks from Beitou MRT.