Liver+kidneys+colon cleansing/detoxing - your suggestions?

I’ve never intentionally cleansed the aforementioned organs before, figuring my body to be quite self-sufficient in that sense. However, the years are adding up, and I’m feeling the odd ache and pain in or abouts the areas these goods lie.

How would I go about assisting the battletank in pushing out accumulated toxins and rubbish stored in above, in an inexpensive manner?

Loads of water and…? Add lemon to the water? Throw in some mild exercise, to raise the heartbeat and metabolism a bit, and get the free endorphin rush that comes with the exercise?

Your experience, suggestions and advice please…

Cheers guvna’s!

I may have a solution and some information for you, I am working on some things that I will be posting on my website when I am finished. In the meantime check out this cleanse. I just finished ten days of it and lost 5kg and feel a little better. … leanse.htm This was taken from the book by Stanley Burroughs. If you choose to do this flush, I highly suggest you look up more information on the net first and buy the book! If you don’t follow the directions exactly you could encounter serious problems.

Gidday. The above info from JeffG sounds good (I might try that sometime). Thanks.

I know someone who went to Thailand to ‘The Spa’ and did a full 7day colon cleanse. It wasn’t too expensive, and he had good results…gained energy, lost fat, lost lots of black rubbery stuff.

I can ask him for details (costs, location, etc) if you PM me.

Good luck!

I know someone who went to Thailand to ‘The Spa’ and did a full 7day colon cleanse. It wasn’t too expensive, and he had good results…gained energy, lost fat, lost lots of black rubbery stuff.


That black rubbery stuff is the mucous placue that can line the walls of the colon, which prevents the colon from absorbing foods properly. You can do a cleanse at home called the Master Cleanser. I did it but didn’t find it useful for me (I just like food too dammed much) but many many people find it very good. has LOADS of information about cleansing. I am currently doing a parasite cleanse, which is the first thing you are suppose to do. Check it out and best of luck.

Yes, curezone has great information. What parasite cleanse are you doing? Clarkia? Did you bring stuff from home, buy it here, or order online? I’m using Paragone at the moment, brought it from home…wondering if parasite cleanse supplies can be bought here.

I ordered the Clarkia from online. What has been your experience in doing the parasite cleanse?

Better read this before start pumping water up your arse.

[quote=“Mr He”]

Better read this before start pumping water up your arse.[/quote]

Ahh, Mr. He-how goes your arse fetish? :wink: Seems you always paste this link-must be one of your favourites…

Yes, I’ve seen that article before, and it’s crap. Appropriate, really, given the subject.

From very direct info from a friend, I can tell you that what I said above is indeed true, there is a lot of ‘black rubbery stuff’ and there is no link to sexuality/chiropractors etc. I could make a comment about men who smoke liking to do fellatio-but I won’t… :unamused:

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See the related topic on this from last year.

I actually haven’t completed an entire parasite cleanse before, this is my first time and I just started a few days ago. I’ve done a detox a couple of times with another product by the same company called CleanseSMART. If I remember correctly, the detox is for 2 weeks. I liked it because I had a list of foods that I could eat on the detox, so I wasn’t ever hungry. My parents and I did it together, so that made it easier as well. My mom bought a cookbook with lots of interesting recipes we could eat on the detox, so it wasn’t too painful. The hardest part was cutting out coffee. I tired the Master Cleanse before (lemon, maple syrup, water combo) but practically passed out after 3 days. The problem with that program is that you can’t really do anything physically strenuous since you’re basically subsisting on sweetened lemonade. For me, it’s not too practical to do here unless I’m on holiday and can just stay at home and relax.

When I did the cleanse with CleanseSMART, I steered away from bentonite clay and used FiberSMART (also by the same company). The woman at the health food store in Canada recommended that over the clay because she said it was easier on the colon. She said too many people overdo the clay and end up getting themselves more constipated. The flax stuff included acidophilus as well. I didn’t like the taste at all–it was sweetened with Stevia (a healthy sugar substitute), but it seemed to work.

The detox didn’t call for enemas, and after a few days of eating lots of vegetables, grains, beans, legumes, flax and drinking tons of water, none of us really needed one. But, as it said on curezone, perhaps there are pockets in the intestine that didn’t really get cleansed. For those who aren’t into the enema idea, the salt water flush is an alternative. I’ve tried that and it’s worked. Just remember to get the salt:water ratio right (read about this on the curezone discussion forum, search salt water flush) and use unrefined sea salt (should be greyish in color)…

I used the ReNew Life products becuase that’s just what I bought at the health food store. There are many products out there that are probably just as good and maybe even better. I haven’t seen any of these products available here, but many can be ordered online.

Circle, were you able to find the sea water salts or Epsoms salts in Taiwan for a reasonable price? The cleanse I just did recommends this, but I decided not to do it and now my electrolytes are a little out of wack.

Nice topic.

In the west, I believe medical science prefers this process:
[ul]1. 4 tabs of Dulcolax, which is probably twice the amount needed to soften concrete.
2. A gallon of something called “solution of polyethelylene glycol (with electrolytes)”; e.g., NuLYTELY.[/ul]
The fun begins at the first crap following injestion of the Dulcolax. Immediately post crap, one is directed to chug one 8-oz. glass of the liquid, chilled, every ten minutes until the first of the following occurs. One, you pass what can only be described as the very NuLYTELY that passed your lips only seconds earlier, slightly warmed. Or two, you consume an American gallon of the stuff (about 4 liters). The taste of this stuff is indescribable. I’ll try anyway: not refreshing. Either way, it’s purely a matter of literally throwing US$35 down the toilet - hopefully. I mean, make sure you stand nearby one.

The overall effect is kind of like using a small nuclear device to remove, say, a buttock or two. Knock yourself out!

Does anyone have any experience with the detox programs here in Taiwan?

I heard some clinics flush the intestines with water and probably some herbs?

How is this different from the bentonite and other programs discussed?


Sorry, I brought some sea salt from home, and even there it wasn’t cheap (about CDN$15 for a small box). The organic store I go to here (Cottonfields Teaching Organism) has “sea salt”, but it looks pretty refined to me. I need to buy some, too, so I think I"ll check out Breeze Center or the Far Eastern. In other threads, it’s been mentioned that sea salt can be bought at those two places. I expect it to be about 300-500NT for a small bag/box. It’s expensive, but a little goes a long way…

I have done the master cleanse (stupid name) twice now, and I have most of the ingredients to do it again. Circle is correct about the location of sea salt. I found maple syrup at Costco, but not grade B. I am going to try it anyways. I may supplement with fresh squeezed orange juice from my school and ascoop of power meal . I found good cayenne pepper at a restaurant supply place in Banchaou.

You really go through a lotta shit (pun intended) when you do the cleanse. Emotions go up and down, energy levels, you name it. Then after about a week, you hardly ever feel hungry. very calm, relaxed, clear headed. I like it and try to do it once a year since my first time.

I stopped after 20 days the last time. not because I was starving or falling apart or anything. My body was just telling me that the job was done. If you do it, follow the instructions about coming off the fast or you’ll be sorry.

Sure wish I could find a good organic health food market that would stock the ingredients, though.

to your health


The only maple syrup I have seen in Cost Co is the crap stuff. If it is not 100% pure maple syrup, I highly suggest you DO NOT do the cleanse with cheap syrup! It is very dangerous to use garbage products. The sugars in pure maple syrup are different and much safer than the garbage that we usually find. I also highly suggest that you stick to the ingredients recommended, use fresh lemons, not organge juice and do not add meal powder. Lemons are very powerful cleansers, they should not be replaced in this cleanse. You are not going to get the same results as using the ingredients recommended and you are endangering your health. Regardless if you have done it this way before, it is not the correct way to do the cleanse. If not done correctly you can get very very sick.

Please visit this website to understand which sea salt is best,

Where do you find the organic grade B or C maple syrup here.

If the syrup is not available, can the cleanse be done without the syrup? Can organic molasses be used instead?

Is the cayenne pepper powder or dried? Can the cayenne pepper that is available in the spice section be used?

I was sorely tempted by the high colonics for sometime but never got around to it. Fortunately my company encouraged all employees to undergo a full health screen. Part of this for me involved a colonoscopy. To prepare zee bowel for the probing I was required to down a ‘bowel prep’. I can report with no small measure of accuracy that a day of fasting and three 90mls bottles of Fleet’s Phospho-Soda left my bowels squeeky clean, got the DVD to prove it!

I asked the quack “how would a colonic measure up?” He reckoned, and these are the tools of his bizarre trade, that the Fleets wins hands down.

I’d heard tales of this weird muck that was supposed to slogh off during colonics but having seen the evidence for myself, I can assure you there aint nothing up my arse at this point but pink flesh.


Finding pure maple syrup is a bit of a chore, I would check in Tiemu, sometimes they have it sometimes they don’t. it would be cheaper if you can find it from there. I believe Jason’s has some, but it’s expensive and some large chain grocery stores have it, but for 1L it will be over $1000. You may be better off ordering it from home.

According to the book by Stanley Burroughs, pure sorghum can be used, but he says that it does not produce even close to equal benefits as the maple syrup. Pure sorghum CANNOT be used if you have Diabetes. If you have Diabetes I would check with your doctor before using the maple syrup as well. One or the other is needed for the cleanse, it cannot be omited.

As for the cayenne pepper, I used a ground form, which was fine, I bought one from a company called Windmill. When you use the Cayenne pepper, start out using only a little and add a little more each day until you get to the recommended amount. Cayenne pepper is needed to help move the mucus out of your body and it stimilates the bowel, if you take too much you’ll know it.

Remember that you need to find a laxative tea in the morning and at night, and you will have to vary it if diarrhea develops. Watsons has some, one name it has is slmming tea. You are looking for a tea that either has senna leaf or cascara sagrada. I beleive Watsons has some senna tablets as well, they seem to work the same. Psyllium Husk CANNOT be used for this cleanse, but it may be helpful after the cleanse if you cannot control your bowel movments, psyllium, even though a laxative, will help slow down the digestive process.

What stores in Tianmu for the pure maple syrup? What chain grocery stores? I don’t think I have ever seen it at Welcome.